Expert Branding and Web Design for a Client who’s an Expert at Exceptional

Meet Jonathan Arias, the expert on expertise. Jonathan’s podcast is called Insight: Conversations on Mastery, and consists of conversations with exceptional people, discussing the habits and attitudes they foster in order to become exceptional. Through his podcast and his quest to learn drums at a professional level at age 33, Jonathan has become an expert on the exceptional. So when he reached out to our New York City based design agency for help refining his brand and creating a website for his podcast, he knew he wanted the best.

A Meaningful Logo and Modern Website Elevates a Brand

Our team of designers created a simple, meaningful logo that represents a compass and lighting bolt. The compass suggests the guidance his podcasts and the guests on his podcast bring, while the lightning bolt suggests the action and dedication required to pursue passions. After establishing Jonathan’s brand, our team of web designers got to work on Jonathan’s podcast website. Since the site’s primary function was to promote and host his podcast, we made that the focus. A home page banner features the latest episode with a play button overlay so that the user can immediately dive into the latest podcast upon arriving on the site. Scrolling down, you’ll find a list of latest episodes; when clicked on, they bring you to an interior page with details about the episode.

Modern Website Functionality Gives it a High-Tech Feel

Our web developers created a few features that took Jonathan’s podcast website up a notch in terms of functionality. The first gives Jonathan the ability to arrange podcasts into series, or playlists. Another feature, found on the individual podcast episode pages, turns the video podcast into a sticky element fixated on the bottom of the screen, allowing you to scroll and watch at the same time.

e9’s Websites Make Powerful Marketing Tools

After our web design and web development teams both had their turn at providing their expertise to Jonathan’s website, we handed it back over to Jonathan, where he’ll use his expertise to keep creating and pursuing his vision. In the meantime, he’ll have a modern, functional website to add to his repertoire of powerful tools.

“The E9 team is amazing. From beginning to end the service was high-quality and professional. And because of this I highly recommend E9! Throughout the whole process, my project was handled with care and I could sense that Conrad, Steve, and Jordan were invested in my success. I truly appreciate them. From designing my logo to clarifying my copy, E9 did an amazing job for my podcast website.”

Jonathan Arias

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