June 6, 2024

Skincare Website Design Case Study: emerginC

Enhancing the story of emerginC: sustainable, effective skincare

Founded in 1996 in a Manhattan studio apartment by Ian Lirenman, emerginC is now a leading sustainable skincare company that blends nature and science for premium results. The company offers an extensive range of products, facials, and body treatments for all skin types while always upholding their dedication to quality. They care equally for people and the planet, with an impressive carbon-neutral footprint certified by the Carbon Fund.

emerginC caters to women of all ages, from acne-prone teenagers to older audiences looking for anti-aging solutions. They also have leading global spa partners, including premier hotels and resorts such as Hilton, Wynn, and Fairmont.

To best serve their target audiences, emerginC needed an updated website design that focused on usability, looking as good as their products make women feel. It also had to communicate their values of sustainability, an important pillar for the brand and their customers. 

On the old site, it was difficult for shoppers to find products due to its cluttered feel. Because emerginC has so many fantastic options under three different lines, it was easy to get lost. Additionally, the spa partners section was difficult to find, so emerginC needed to highlight the wholesale area without confusing eCommerce shoppers.

After extensive research on the best website designers in NYC, emerginC chose to work with e9digital based on our reputation and dependability with clients. Our designers are well-versed in crafting eCommerce websites in the wellness space, having worked with companies including Plant Juice Oils and MeltMed.

Putting user needs front and center

The home page had to be redesigned considering the user experience: women looking for sustainable, effective skincare products. Along with an intuitive UI, this meant using engaging imagery and content that positioned emerginC as the answer to their target audience’s prayers!

Seamless website wayfinding starts with a sticky navigation bar so visitors can always know where to go. It needed to be easy for new and returning shoppers to use, so the “shop” button on the bar caters to both.

 Three categories allow for fun, empowered shopping based on what the consumer is looking for: 

  • Collections based on common skincare problems 
  • Categories based on parts of the body
  • A skincare quiz for anyone who has no idea where to start

Lauren Larabee, who runs emerginC’s social media, had this to say, “I get messages from customers all the time, ‘I don’t know what product to use!’” Now, with the new skincare quiz, women of all ages can get immediate recommendations on the perfect product solution. With the quiz CTA in the navigation bar, they can take it any time.

Benefitting every part of the target audience

Online retail customers are only one part of emerginC’s brand base. The company has B2B spa partners worldwide who use emerginC’s elevated products with sustainable ingredients in their services. It’s easier than ever for them to access the wholesale part of the website, with the professional login highlighted at the top of the page.

It was important to showcase these partners as a thank you, giving awareness to their business on the site. The home page includes a spa locator button so all website visitors can book a session, knowing they’ll receive treatments with trusted products they know and love.


Skincare website design with the company’s future in mind

emerginC needed a website that would grow with their target audience, allowing them to continue to improve the experience. One great idea founder Ian Lirenman has is to include more videos that assist website visitors with using the product. 

“I want to have ‘how-to’ videos. When they go to a specific product, they might be able to click on a video that says ‘how to apply,’ ‘tips,’ or ‘learn more.’ This would make a video pop up with our staff that describes the product and what is in it.” - Ian Lirenman, CEO and Founder of emerginC

With edigital’s WordPress and WooCommerce functionality, we create websites that allow growth and change without expensive overhead costs. We train our clients on how to use the WordPress CMS so they can adjust the website without us (of course, we’re always available if you need us!). Ian can now create videos and upload them to further benefit his target audience at his convenience.

Increase conversions with sales-inducing UX skincare website design from e9digital

Make customers happy with a UX design from e9digital

If a visitor can’t navigate the website, they won’t check out and make a purchase. With UX design, e9digital creates functional, modern eCommerce websites that meet the needs of your target audience. Boost your sales with a website built around your customer’s psychology, making it easy for them to find what they’re looking for and check out.

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