February 15, 2016

Potential Clients Are Looking For Business Credibility

Importance of Potential Clients

I had lunch with a lawyer today and he asked me if potential clients actually rely on a firm’s website when choosing a lawyer.

After the Law & Order “ding ding” sound finished in my head, I said “I’d like to rephrase the question, Your Honor.”

And here’s what I told him:

Do potential clients whom you’ve never met actually rely on a law firm’s website when deciding whether to call you?

The answer is a definitive ‘yes’.

Since I’ve met you in person, you’ve had the chance to demonstrate your expertise, so I can feel confident about asking you to help me with a deal or case.

But what about the person I hand your business card to? What about the person that finds you via Google?

They’re looking at 10 or 20 or who knows how many websites. What are they looking for? How will they decide whom to call?

Importance of Business Credibility

The answer is business credibility.

Will your website stand above the noise of a crowded internet, or will it recede?

Of all the firms that your potential client can choose from, they will choose the one that looks the most professional and has the most business credibility; the one that takes its business most seriously.

So will your website or your competitors have the most business credibility.