Design that Mirrors the Client

“Change the way you view the world.”

The founder of Kaleidoscope Travel wants to change the way students see the world. The program focuses on taking groups on trips that explore the tough conflicts and issues of the area, so that they can become informed voters and approach the world with a more open mind.

A kaleidoscope of color.

Kaleidoscope’s mission is to help others see the world as a colorful, multidimensional place, so we knew that their website had to accomplish that same feat. When our New York-based web design team got to work on designing Kaleidoscope’s new website, we focused on vivid imagery, a bright color palette, and elegant typography paired with inspiring messaging.

A functional starting point.

Because Kaleidoscope is a brand new company, our web developers made sure that the site was easily extensible, creating custom post types that allowed our client to easily create new program pages as she added them to her repertoire. Our web development team also added a feature to the site that allows users to search for a particular trip or use filters to search trips based on certain characteristics of the program.

The finished product is…

A beautiful, engaging website that serves as a highly functional starting point for a new company that will continue to build and expand its offerings. Here’s what our client had to say:

“This looks amazing! Thank you so much. This website is so beautiful and perfect for getting this company started. You are a dream team and I know who to come to in the future for any website work!”Marlana Letelier | Owner, Kaleidoscope Travel

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