Boutique Brand, Big-Name Clients

Credibility retainer.

It’s not wholly unusual for lawyers to break away from a larger corporate law firm to form their own. When younger and more progressive, there is an inherent desire to do things differently. Couple that with a flashy Los Angeles persona and it was no surprise that Pasich LLP, an LA-based law firm specializing in insurance recovery for Fortune 500 companies, was in need of a smaller yet sophisticated, and more fashionable identity. In order to attract and retain high-profile, high-net-worth clients, e9digital needed to position Pasich as a boutique brand with highly-established credibility.

A creative briefing.

Composed of the namesake member, Kirk Pasich, and approximately 15 other established, high-powered lawyers coming from larger firms, they wanted to be able to move swiftly and agilely in regard to both their firm’s internal processes and in the actual development and implementation of the branding/website project. This transition needed to be quick, smooth, and fully thought out. Beginning with an in-depth series of creative discovery, Q&A, and insights discussions and exercises, e9’s team of creative directors and designers worked on a full range of logo designs that explored the corporate to the boutique aspects of Pasich’s character. Their brand needed to reflect their high level of polish and expertise as well as their “cutting edge” approach.

Areas of expertise.

The website included a short looping hero video that added motion without hurting performance. Using modern web techniques we added angles to a lot of design elements which complicated development, but ultimately made the site unique. The techniques used for the site’s responsiveness were more in-depth than usual, and went beyond just rearranging some blocks – ensuring a great look across many screen sizes. Beyond the logo and website, were a comprehensive scope of deliverables to provide Pasich with its fully innovative, sleek, professional new identity. Expanding upon the core branding creatives, e9 provided corporate materials that included logo variations, a brand standards guide, business cards, letterheads, envelopes, announcements, presentation templates, messaging/copywriting, and photography. The photoshoot process was unique in that the majority of Pasich’s lawyers are located in California, but they also have a presence in New York. Carefully coordinated art direction between the photographers local to each side of the country allowed e9 to ensure consistency and cohesiveness, and further communicate Pasich LLP’s prestige and expertise to existing and potential clients.

The scales of success.

Unlike justice, branding is not blind – in fact, its quite the opposite. When measured both visually and conceptually the end result checked all the boxes and was received in high regard.

“We love when our clients give us a 5 stars review, and while that was the case here, it’s an even greater compliment to receive additional work and retain an on-going relationship.”

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