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Getting Content Marketing to Work for You

Digital has replaced those classic water-cooler moments in that anything buzz-worthy and driving conversations now take place in an instant, online. Facebook. Instagram. They have a massive audience thirsting for unique content.

When working with our clients, we make sure our strategic focus is on their expertise and how that can be harnessed and morphed into content that performs better for your brand.

Case Study

Big Business Wow with Small Biz Bucks
A small budget doesn’t mean you can’t have some beautiful bells and whistles.

Big Website Design

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Finding your king of content marketing

Even if you have the ability to generate unique content it is always smart to partner with an agency that can develop content as well. Aside from crafting the brand content, our agency is also well versed in digital best practices.

  • Content Companion
    You know your business, we’re on top of how the online content system works. Together we can create content that consistently cuts through the clutter while putting a social spotlight on your brand.
  • Data that delivers
    With content, you don’t just need insights about your brand, but about your post topics. Working with an agency partner allows you to collect all this data that can be used for your overall social and brand content.
  • Be louder than the rest
    Data allows you to see how well you can flex your brand muscle through your content. We can also put our best practices to work to harness this data to ensure your posts get heard by your target.



Step 1

Know what you’re getting into

Before attempting to generate the content you need to paint a picture of who is the target you are trying to reach. Sure, they might consume your brand, but are they going to tune into your content? Understanding this can be the key to growing your social presence.


Step 2

Solidify your story

Even with the facts, you still need a compelling hook. In our experience, this isn’t just drawn from data, but relatable emotion. Be empathetic to your audience. Create content that will help you connect with them on a deeper level. To do this as an agency we will often create multiple idea options and have internal reviews to choose the best directions.


Step 3

Words in motion

You might have the entire story in your head, but as it comes out you realize it doesn’t sound quite right. That’s where an agency creative team can help. Even if we don’t generate the original content we can polish it up to be clear, concise, compelling and above all make it sound consistent with your established brand voice.


Step 4

Release the words

Posting up is easy enough on your blog or social media. However, getting your audience to see it is where a well-thought-out marketing strategy comes into play. Regardless if you go the paid or organic route, multiple posts needs to be completed before you’re ready to go. Marketing can then tease, and prompt excitement—getting eyeballs primed and ready to view your posts.


Step 5

Measure. Analyze. Repeat.

With your posts out there and your key performance indicators ready to report back, you need to be prepared to keep what’s working and change what isn't. Either way, that means being ready with more content. The best scenario would be to launch with multiple posts ready to go. This way we can establish your audience while the consistency of the content can grow your base. And we are always prepared to rework content if needed.