June 6, 2024

Elevating the flagship thinktank of the Modern Money multiverse

After crafting websites for the first two pieces of the M3 non-profit network, Modern Money Network and Public Money Action, e9digital developed a solid partnership with their team. When it came time to complete the triumvirate with The Modern Money Theory (MMT) Project, we were excited to partner with M3 and create a website showcasing their extensive economic knowledge.

The MMT Project is a think tank formed to understand real-world problems in their complex totality. They host research fellows, ranging from senior academics with established reputations to junior scholars at the beginning of their careers. These fellows produce original scholarship, policy analysis, and syllabi, crafting economic policy solutions and promoting social change.

The challenge for this final website was to create a design that matched in structure and user flow to the previous two but with a style more classical and academic.

Infusing simplicity: making The MMT Project’s work the focal point

Professionalism was critical to the modern design for The MMT Project. The client provided brand guidelines, creating a seamless design process. The yellow circle focal to the home page matched the background of the owl logo, highlighting the importance of scholarship to The MMT Project.

We maintained the user flow of the two previous websites so that visitors can interact between the three effortlessly, including features such as

  • A fixed navigation bar at the top of the screen for easy exploration.
  • Functional hero images to introduce new visitors to the message of The MMT Project.
  • ADA website compliance to ensure people with a disability can access the website.

A Zotero integration for immediate access to The MMT Project library

With WordPress as the CMS, we created an editable template with an integration to The MMT’s Project’s Zotero library. A search bar allows website visitors to browse by topic and find articles written by the fellows and leadership within the MMN multiverse. This gives their scholars access to work within the library for reference and research materials.  Visitors interested in supporting the cause can review The MMT Project library and read their fellow’s articles, giving immediate credibility to the cause.  

On the home page, four popular resources are listed first so visitors can access the newest, most exciting articles. They also have the option to browse the index, putting the whole library on display and creating equitable access to their knowledge.


A complete ecosystem to create real-world impact

“This is awesome. Like, I’m so, pardon my French, I am so f-ing excited. This looks so incredible. This is great!”

With all three websites completed, the M3 network can now fully harness the power of the internet to complete their mission: craft policy solutions and promote social change.

“At e9digital, our clients are the center of our multiverse. We love website challenges like the M3 network, to create separate yet interlocking spaces for a non-profit to grow into its full potential.” - Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital

Crafting websites that work as lead-generating machines

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