Web Design Service for COVID Solutions

Launching in the now.

With a country in pandemic-mode, all businesses have had to learn how to pivot and adapt. For other companies, there is also the opportunity to provide relevant new services. Such as the case for Elevation Health—a group of physicians, nurses, epidemiologists, scientists, and healthcare workers, partnering with companies to provide tailored testing and reopening solutions. It was not only imperative for the health group to generate awareness, but be laser-focused target-wise. This meant upgrading the site to clearly communicate the benefits of these new services, while dealing with a limited timeline to help meet the needs of companies impacted by constant viral surges.

Flexibility is key.

Elevation Health was initially looking to e9 for backend development, while they’d be responsible for imagery and content. With a straightforward ask, we’d be able to handle a quick turn around with little issue. Of course, when it came time to gather assets, it became clear the client wasn’t equipped to provide the necessary info. This meant our creative team needed to be brought in to generate content, understanding we were under a tight turnaround. With minor adjustments to the schedule, e9 worked quickly with the client to first establish the voice, visual strategy and hammered out the details of the HIPAA compliant form. Once that was all approved, we went to work.

Staying on the same virtual page.

To keep everyone on the same page while ensuring we stayed on this expedited schedule, we turned to Pastel. This cloud-based SaaS tool enables real-time collaborative submissions and feedback from both client and agency. Meaning, if the client suddenly makes a site comment or change, we’d have instant documented confirmation. This allowed us to keep moving without missing a step, which resulted in a seamless Q&A (Quality and Assurance). Then once the browsers and mobile version checked out, we were able to launch the site on time and within budget.

There is no such thing as a project that starts and finishes exactly as is, which is why e9 is always prepared to deal with all types of unknowns.

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