December 19, 2023

e9digital Revitalizes MeltMed’s Website to Accentuate Their Skin and Energy-Boosting Products

MeltMed offers game-changing WaferiX technology, a proprietary freeze-dry manufacturing process that produces an oral wafer that dissolves seamlessly under the tongue and improves the bioavailability of each nutrient. However, their original website lacked a Shopify integration that maximized ecommerce capabilities for the growing company.

After meeting with e9digital and learning more about our agency’s well-versed experience with ecommerce, MeltMed felt confident that e9digital’s team was the right expert for the job. With our previous experience crafting UX designs for wellness brands including Plant Juice Oils, we knew tried and true strategies to appeal to high-end clientele.

Putting Customers and Facts First to Highlight MeltMed’s Glowing Competitive Advantages

Busy, posh millennial women are the main adopters of MeltMed’s products. They’re always looking to feel more energized and refreshed, juggling work, kids, and everything in between. They will adopt a promising solution but will not dig through a clunky interface to find it. That’s why e9digital created a modern, UX-centered website that gets straight to the point.

Vibrant, relevant imagery on the home page puts the target audience front and center. The tagline “Let your problems melt away” speaks to the actual product (a dissolving wafer) and the problem solved. With the “Shop Now” function directly beneath it, customers can find what they need in two clicks.

People feel more secure when they see the color blue. To add that feeling to the design, e9digital created distinct blue iconography for each of MeltMed’s unique selling propositions. The small icons add to the understanding of the product, and make it possible for customers to skim the content without missing important details. 

Last, we created informative iconography that highlighted the advantages of each wafer in the product listing. This engaging copy calls out the benefits explained further at the bottom of the page. With a clean design and participant-backed facts, additions like these build trust and secure credibility.

With the new Shopify integration, MeltMed’s products can be delivered straight to the consumer’s door, making it simple for busy individuals to implement the changes needed to feel like their best selves. Plus, customers can purchase MeltMed’s non-invasive, convenient, and discrete wafers on any device, including tablets and phones.

Encouraging a Healthier Tomorrow for All Ages by Connecting With the Target Audience

e9digital creates websites that put the target audience front and center. This maximizes the likelihood of securing a sale and increasing conversions by connecting the people who need the product with the ones who sell it. Meticulously crafted to foster MeltMed’s success with their customers, the upgraded ecommerce platform showcases their commitment to supporting their clients’ optimal health and well-being.

Do you have a fantastic ecommerce product but can’t seem to reach your target audience? Let’s chat!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital