Making Fun of Promo

Love at first swipe.

Okay, it’s maybe not the first swipe when it comes to finding Mr. or Ms. Right (Now). But when it comes to web design firms, one night sessions with a freelancer won’t do much to make anything lasting for your site. Boutique web firms are a smart bet. However, potential clients don’t understand why. So, in 2017 to up our new business game, we created a self-promotion campaign mixing tender loving humor, gamification, and the God’s honest truth about digital advertising.

The truth hurts and helps

The goal was to create an engaging campaign that was brutally honest about our industry. Freelancers are flakey. Big agencies don’t know you exist. Overseas developers are sketchy. Candidates that you’d never want to hook up with, which made a Tinder spoof the perfect fit. It offered a contemporary spin that didn’t just preach, but let candidates actually be part of the campaign. Roleplaying outside closed doors.

Swipe, swipe, click

The design was totally Tinder-ish. Potential clients would virtually swipe through all types of digital developers and discover why they weren’t the perfect fit for getting the job done. The eye-catching cartoon characters set against the black background, along with dating-centric humorous copy helped the promo piece pop. We also designed the user flow to keep potential client hookups engaged to the very end so they’d see why e9 has the capabilities to be the perfect match. Even when it came time to contact us, we kept in character, offering a chat-style format. At the end of the day, the success of our Love at First Website campaign came not with the engagement, but the fact we offered legitimate, genuine reasons why e9digital stands out against the competition.

Try it out here!

The agency reviews are in

The team consisted of Tim Kirchoff (designer) and Kenna Knapp (copywriter), under the leadership of Jina Kiem. While the daily biz pays the bills and keeps the lights on—a project like this offered a chance for everyone to flex their creative muscles. Designer Tim summed it up best, saying…

I remember it being a fun play on what it’s like to find options for someone to build a website, but at the same time, it’s also very truthful.

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