Design that Lets Content Do the Talking

Web design that lets the content do the talking.

Artist Hochi Asiatico knows all about working behind the scenes. While the costumes he designs shine brilliantly in front of audiences both on Broadway and off, he spends his days in his studio, creating his masterpieces behind closed doors. So when the NYC-based costume designer found us at our Manhattan web design firm, we knew it was our turn to work behind the scenes to ensure Asiatico and his work were the stars of the show. Asiatico is one of the top costume designers in the theater industry, and his handcrafted work is so singular and unique, it speaks for itself. Asiatico was in need of a simple portfolio website that would showcase his costumes to the theater industry.

When a website becomes a work of art.

Our web design team set to work to create a clean, modern website that beautifully showcased Asiatico’s work front and center. Visitors to the site are immediately presented with a colorful, dynamic grid of images that, when clicked on, animate to full-size and allow the user to click through his portfolio. The website is simple, but Asiatico’s work does all the talking and easily turns the site into a work of art. The structure and design built by our web design and development team provide the backstage support necessary to make Asiatico’s work outshine his competitors and steal the show.

“At e9, one of the most important things our designers can do is let our clients’ work and voices speak for themselves. Hochi Asiatico is a great example of that – his work was so beautiful, the best thing we could do was stay behind the scenes and let his work do the talking.”

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