Bright, Brilliant Branding

Lighting the way.

The four stages of creativity are: preparation, incubation, illumination, and verification. Starco Lighting, an LED lighting manufacturer, placed their trust in e9digital’s ability to guide them through the full creative process and provide their brand the smart, professional, creative flair that they had been lacking. Once positioned as a small production company, Starco was now competitive in major international markets including industrial, commercial, hospitals, prison systems, and distributors. Specializing in offering personalized experiences to their customers, and using quality materials to provide superior products, Starco needed to appropriately showcase their increasingly successful business. This was the perfect project to utilize e9digital’s full spectrum of talent and expertise.

Finding identity through enlightenment.

The larger the construction, the greater the need for a solid foundation. When building a brand, that foundation is a comprehensive understanding of who you are. Starco Lighting was going through a transition, and when that happens you must reevaluate who you were, who you are, and who you want to be. Through extensive research, the creation of mood boards, and the use of various internally created custom branding exercises, e9digital was able to determine an accurate value proposition. So accurate in fact, that the end result led to the creation of the tagline “Hardworking Lights for Hardworking People” – a cornerstone of the Starco Lighting brand identity.

Assembly required.

With the first stages of the process complete, and having earned the full trust of the client, it was time for e9 to put the pieces in place. The full-branding treatment included everything from trade booth design, to the development of an extensive branding style guide – a crucial asset to ensuring that the carefully crafted identity stays consistent across the many marketing mediums.

Electric messaging.

One of those mediums (and perhaps the most important) was the new website. Designed and built by adhering to the highest standards of modern design and UI strategies along with added attention to detail and micro-interactions throughout, such as the hero message flickering on like a light, gave the site a big custom feel. That paired with elevated polished messaging and smart customized functionalities, the new site was now a tool ready to draw in Fortune 500 companies and position Starco as a manufacturer ready to outrival their competitors.

A gleaming success.

Like putting in that final piece of a puzzle, it really is rewarding when things come together. With minimal changes along the way, and posturing Starco as the resourceful, problem-solving company that they are, it was time to turn the lights on and let them shine.

“Designing and building websites is a rewarding process because you’re creating something new, overcoming a wide range of design and functionality challenges, and ultimately bringing new life to a brand. Solving a unique puzzle each time makes every project exciting.”

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