Keeping Placement on Target

Game on.

When it comes to job placement, it’s no secret that Linkedin and Indeed rule the roost. Even a 30-plus-year boutique agency that has carved a niche for itself still needs a game plan to face off against these heavy hitters. For Core Staffing, that meant reaching out to e9digital for the winning play.

A fresh coat of digital.

Sure. 30 years in the NYC job placement game buys you street cred. Of course, the trick is making sure your site doesn’t look as old. Aside from outdatedness, Core was challenged with needing to target 2 distinct audiences: candidates and businesses. Both rely heavily on digital connection. Core needed to ensure that this connection process is streamlined and beyond crystal clear when it comes to data capture.

Burned before

A jilted client is always a delicate situation. In this case, Core had used a cut-rate, fly-by-night studio for their photos—and it showed. For this reason, photography was at the top of our priority list. The project required a full day of on-site reshooting of all the employees to give them a more polished look. Aside from the photographer we also had a makeup artist on site to hedge our bet to ensure we captured professional looking poses and natural work-environment imagery.

Connection achieved

Once the client was on board, we were able to seamlessly combine our dynamic imagery along with our intuitive functionality. The result, a site that effortlessly connected with candidates and clients on a whole other level—which couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Working with e9 was amazing. From the beginning, they really aimed to understand our business and our long-term goals before even discussing what we’d want in a website.”Jaime Potter | Business Development Manager, Core Staffing

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