They Do What, Now?

Motivation makeover.

We’ve all seen them—companies with corporate sounding names, an emotional mission statement, but absolutely no crystal-clear definition of what they actually do. This was Co-Creation Partners in a nutshell. Sure, they had lots and lots of content, but with no stunning visual cues or a seamless UI, it was an overload of data that drove viewers away. Our challenge was not only to modernize their site, but craft a brand look that spoke to customers.

Adding color to the mix.

For us, like with all our clients, it started with trying to understand what Co-Creations was all about—cultivating personal growth for overall business success. To explain this metamorphosis-like process, Co-Creation’s used a chrysalis (caterpillar cocoon) to tell the story. While it does make sense, visually, it just doesn’t deliver. So utilizing our signature creative brainstorming sessions, we landed on an approach that took it one step further—bring to life the successful end result, the butterfly. This new vibrant color-rich logo popped against our proposed white space. We also went with succinct, plain-speak copy to uncomplicate their complexities.

Fly free.

While this project needed the attention to unravel their complex story and recreate their logo, time was not a luxury. Which for us is when seamless team development and project management serve e9 well. We made their hard deadline, with not just one, but two logo looks, and a completely custom website that was easy to build on and catered to CMS. The end result, our client had all the tools they needed to take flight.

"Every project is different. You have to consider so many variables, from the audience to the needs of the client. This means solving new problems and expanding our tech toolbox."

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