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Give out to draw in, learn more

Collateral Impact:

Awareness online can also benefit from best practices offline—namely collateral. Printed pieces like business cards, t-shirts, hats, pens are powerful awareness tools. Think of each one as a mini-brand billboard that can stay with your customers long after the event.

e9digital offers the ability to create all types of branded collateral with disruptive designs rather than just featuring your logo.

Case Study

Event Branding
From NYHC postcards to 8-ft tall vinyl banners to RSVPs, we maintained consistency for it all.

Gurus of giveaways:

When it comes to collateral, the best-equipped agencies recognize that this specialty is a fusion of design, marketing, and production. You need professionals that know how to produce these pieces and where to source ’em.

  • An eye for design
    When designing a collateral campaign we start with a bird’s eye view. What is the entire scope of the project? What are we trying to accomplish? Of course, once we choose specific pieces we then zero in on all the details that will help separate your brand from the typical collateral crew.
  • Collateral side of the brain
    With expertise and experience, you can transform collateral as a way to broadcast your brand. That is top of mind when our team of designers and production specialists choose and design any marketing pieces.
  • Go with those who know
    Your brand is unique. Of course, there are other types of marketing cues and creative that relates to you. That’s why it’s important to work with an agency with that deep range of experience with the knowledge of a variety of industries.



Step 1

Product Packaging That Peeks Interest

Similar to logos, packaging serves as that 3-second billboard. Not only does it need to communicate what’s inside, but incentivize consumers to grab off the shelf. With our retail experience, we specialize in crafting this eye-catching disruption.


Step 2

A Connection in Card Form

Our goal is to create a conversation starter, rather than just business cards. Whether it’s the paper stock the design or any other innovation—we want you to stand out in that crucial first meeting with your client.


Step 3

Booth Basics

Quick. Name a trade show booth that really stuck in your mind. Probably not too many you can think of, right? A lot of times it’s the simple fact they try to overload you with all sorts of information. When it comes to signage, banners, booths, tables and storefronts, our goal is to remain focused on what we’re trying to say. This then frees up space for our designers to have relevant fun with the creative that will definitely be a traffic stopper.


Step 4

Swag Envy

Award shows. Comic cons. Swag definitely can be attention-getting. That’s the bar we set when coming up with our promotional items. Sure, we can offer a coffee mug, but is there a unique spin to it that will keep customers talking after the show?


Step 5

Collateral That Catches Your Eye

Doesn’t matter if it’s a brochure, sell sheets or pens—there always needs to be a wow factor. Designs that when done right, set you apart from the competition.


Step 6

Don’t Forget the Classics

From print to retail displays. Those are the front line items that customers see when walking into a store, visiting a trade show or are waiting in a lobby. Regardless of the size or placement you want to make sure you have the power to drive these eyes back to your site to convert them to customers.