March 10, 2023

Turning Websites into ATMs: Piece of Cake

e9 tip 1 of 9: Freebies

The end goal when it comes to marketing—make whatever tactic you use as seamless as possible. Honestly, the more time you spend working on anything (social, web updates, coffee), the less of a chance you’ll make it a regular occurrence. This is especially true with converting client leads. At the top of the list—the incentive. A free something to make it worthwhile for your potential clients to stay on your site or give you an e-shout. When it comes to actual Freebies, this doesn’t have to cut into your budget but more of your wheelhouse. Essentially, your proprietary industry knowledge can be converted into downloadable content from your site. Tips. Hacks. Case studies. Secrets to crushing it.

Whatever you offer—make your potential lead work for it through contact forms, newsletter signups, or by reaching out to you directly. The best part is once you create the content, you can use it over and over again. No extra work needed. Another solid freebie option is perceived value. Free trials. Coupons. Consultations. Offers that won’t have a huge impact on your bottom line, but can still entice site visitors to reach out. Again, when used right and generously, both freebies can help decrease your bounce rate and increase lead engagement.

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