October 25, 2023

Marketing for Geniuses: Build A Credible Website Wisely

Always Choose Substance Over Style

We get it. You’re the expert in your friend, but when it comes to your website, you need some help. At e9digital, we’re the web design, branding, and marketing geniuses. When you collaborate with us, we can create a website that converts.

You’re on the hunt for a marketing agency to design your website. And you find this really artsy guy on Google who has won TONS of awards! 

In this fictional scenario, he just created a website for an accountant that uses clowns for the imagery. And what an outside of the box idea! The design is awesome. The colors are brilliant. The clown is beautiful and inspiring, not some Pennywise wacko lurking in the sewer.

The only problem is the accountant isn’t getting any new business from this uniquely designed website. All that fluffery and puffery will get you nowhere.

Because who would give their money to a clown or let that accountant manage their website?  It doesn’t matter if you hire the fanciest website designer in the world if your website doesn’t do the mission it needs to do. It must increase the marketing and sales lead generation of your business.

Clowns are Credible to Actors, Not Folks Trying to Do Their Taxes

One of the most important elements to website design is credibility. If you were an instructor in the art of clowning (which is real, I promise), then your website should be filled with clowns. It should be full of all the clowns you taught that have blossomed into their full, hilarious potential. That would give a clown instructor’s website credibility.

But a CPA needs a list of the services they provide, the industries they work in, and testimonials about the thousands of dollars that they’ve saved for their clients! 

Relevancy is key. The website design must serve the client (and in turn, the client’s clients), not the website designer.

Design a Credible Website That Converts With e9digital

e9digital starts at square one when designing a website. 

  • First, we research your market and their problems. 
  • Second, we position your company’s solutions. 
  • Last, we outline your credibility so customers trust you. 

These three steps have proven time and time again to boost sales leads and conversions

To put our money where our mouth is, we’ve worked on hundreds of different websites across dozens of different industries, from pharma to biotech to space to law and many more. It doesn’t matter what the client does, the process is the same: understand what the website needs to do, who it needs to do it for, and deliver that credibility. That’s the secret sauce of e9digital

If you’re ready for a website that finally brings the big bucks for your business by highlighting your credibility (clown-free), contact e9digital today.