July 4, 2024

Cafe & Bakery Website Design: Crumbly Cafe & Bakery

Bakery Website Design for NYC’s Crumbly Cafe and Bakery

No one goes big like a New Yorker–they want the best for themselves and their families. So when it comes to celebrations, Crumbly Cafe and Bakery is top of the list. Mia is the head of the family-run business with two locations in Manhattan. The bakers create sweet memories with their customizable cake collection, with options for everything from birthday bashes to gender-reveal parties. Crumbly bakes on-site to ensure the premium quality of their delicious homemade treats, foods, and beverages. 

While Crumbly is a neighborhood staple, the bakery lacked a website with ecommerce functionality. They needed an online ordering system to simplify purchasing customized cakes and other tasty treats. However, with their previous phone system, it could take up to 15 minutes for a customer to place an order. Crumbly customers needed a better way to buy cakes.

Additionally, they felt their former design fell flat and wanted a modern look with an upgraded UX and streamlined content to gain more exposure. A solid website and online presence build a word-of-mouth reputation, which is gold in NYC. Crumbly trusted us at e9digital as the website design agency for the job due to our 5-star reviews on Capterra, Yelp, and UpCity. It doesn’t hurt that we’re a huge fan of cake, either!

Strategically Mapping Out Crumbly’s Tasty Treats

To appeal to busy New Yorkers who don’t have extra time to spare, Crumbly required a UX design that showcased Crumbly’s fantastic baked goods.

Our designer started with a dual-level menu at the top of the page so customers can find anything they need in seconds. The round logo centered the page and naturally created the space for the extra information in the dual-level menu. The top half covered basics such as FAQs, account login, and the cart, while the bottom half invites users to discover more about the bakery. A preview description appears under each product area, enticing website visitors to click and learn about all available options.

The rest of the homepage follows a flow prioritized by what a New Yorker would be looking for first. The hero image includes a CTA to both menus: order ahead and hot and fresh. 

“We added the squiggly line under the punchiest words in the headers to mimic the fun, welcoming Crumbly logo at the top of the page. It’s an approachable, family-friendly brand, and we wanted the customer to feel that on every part of the website.” Tim Kirchoff, Lead Designer | Developer, e9digital

A brag bar assures the customers that they’re choosing a bakery people love–who wouldn’t want to eat one of the top 27 desserts in NYC?!? The other three products are called out succinctly in featured areas: neighborhood favorites, cakes, and little sweets, giving website visitors a taste of the treats before they actually eat the real thing.

Creating a Tiered Checkout Solution for Customized Cakes

To ensure no barrier to entry, we created a mobile-optimized Future Orders page highlighting favorite desserts, cakes, and little sweets. In the cake section, we created: 

  • A helpful pop-up FAQ so customers can find the answers to their questions in seconds.
  • A thorough set of customizable options allows customers to make the cake their own. 
  • A CTA that takes customers to the Toast page to see which baked goods are in stock in stores.

For customers who truly want a completely custom cake or other specialized baked goods, we included a page for Custom Inquiries with a two-step form. It covers all the bases Crumbly needs before creating the cakes so they can reach out to the customer with a game plan in place for the original dessert creation.

Increasing Client Conversions Through an Easy-As-Pie Ordering Process

Now that Crumbly has a new website with ecommerce capabilities, they can better meet the needs of their target audience. Busy New Yorkers can access Crumbly’s baked goods from anywhere with mobile optimization, and the new UX design makes it easier than ever to get their favorite sweet fix.

The best ecommerce solutions are built with the customer in mind. A modern UX, streamlined product pages, and simple yet robust customizable cake orders offer fast service for a busy New Yorker looking to maximize the time in their busy schedule.

If you’re an ecommerce company looking for a website solution that meets the needs of your target audience, contact us to learn more about ecommerce website design from e9digital.