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The internet is constantly bombarding us with noise. Banners. Spam. Puppy videos. More spam. Oh, and content too. So, getting heard in this clutter is a challenge. Even the giant brands struggle at times to be heard. This has become a priority of all our clients—developing a marketing strategy.

Amplifying a brand story in a compelling way to the right audience while taking advantage of every online opportunity to disrupt.

Case Study

Event Branding
From NYHC postcards to 8-ft tall vinyl banners to RSVPs, we maintained consistency for it all.

Marketing mavens

In the space of marketing, there definitely is no “I” in team. No one person can accomplish all of your marketing goals. You need a team of specialists with specific skills that can create a robust strategy—taking every actionable avenue into account.

  • Not all plans are created equal.
    There are multiple flavors of ice cream. Why? ‘Cause we all have different preferences. Similar goes for marketing plans. There’s no one answer for every brand.
  • Mass appeal.
    Our brand plan of attack doesn’t start until we know who we are dealing with, target wise. What do they like? What are there passions? What makes them tick? We need to know it all to move forward.
  • A plan that pivots.
    Nothing stays the same forever. The data you have day one will change in the coming months. That’s something you need to plan for—creating a marketing plan that moves with your ever-changing brand.



Step 1

Fact-finding mission

Brands need a target to survive. That’s why we data mine. To know everything about what your audience is all about. Sure, you might think your consumer is a certain type, but once you get all the facts you could be dealing with someone entirely different.


Step 2

Corral your Competitor

In some cases, the grass might be greener on the other side. You won’t know until you look. That means getting to know all your competitors. For us, it’s looking at the entire landscape. The successes. The failures. You can learn from them all. The trick is to figure out the data that’s meaningful and what’s not.


Step 3

Strategy to stretch your marketing dollar

Once you have all the data it’s time to figure out how to put it to work for you. That means creating a marketing strategy. This will differ from the standard site strategy, in the way that there are many online roads you can take. As a result, we don’t start planning, until we know the budget. Once we have that number we'll know how robust your strategy can be and if we need to get creative to get the word out about your brand.


Step 4

Zeroing in on channels

Your marketing strategy is a guide map that will direct you where to go with your brand. These different marketing outlets are channels. Email. Pay-Per-Click. SEO. Content. Social. PR. There are endless areas to explore. The trick is knowing what channel is best for your brand.


Step 5

Creating a creative path

The brief. That’s the end goal for data and strategy. To develop a guide for the agency team to get working on the creative. The main goal is that no matter which channel you place your content there should be synergy. Everything needs to be interconnected to amplify your message.


Step 6

A Creative Constant

After the launch, you need to keep close tabs on the customer reaction. By doing this you’ll know how much positive impact you're making or if you need to change direction. And, if there is no feedback at all it would be time to go back to the drawing board.