July 10, 2023

e9digital ignited China Institute’s website to honor their vast cultural heritage and amplify their exciting events!

e9digital Brings China Institute’s Vast Non-Profit Experience to Design a UX Website to Connect the Next Generation

China Institute is steeped in rich history as the oldest bicultural, non-profit organization in America to focus exclusively on China. Even so, they were struggling to get the word out about the wide spectrum of services they offer to showcase their proud culture.

e9digital was brought in to refresh China Institute’s website to offer seamless content with an intuitive UX design, creating visually engaging content that brought in their target audience, Gen Z and millennials. e9digital has worked with non-profit organizations in the past, including the NYHC, so China Institute trusted us to infuse their cultural significance into the website.

One of e9digital’s talented project managers worked side-by-side with China Institute and met their goals by

  • Implementing a header that made it easy for users to navigate through every area of the website
  • Adding a scrolling events calendar to access all of China Institute’s exciting offerings in one place
  • Creating an on-site search bar so users can find anything they need on the website in seconds
  • Implementing a secure Shopify platform to make it simple for people to sign up for events or donate

A Spectacular, Accessible Website to Build a Bridge Between Cultures

China Institute was thrilled with e9digital’s final product, a website that highlights their immersive cultural experience and goal to advance the understanding of China through programs in culture, art, business, and education.

At the end of the day, e9digital’s clear communication and UX strategies created not just a website, but a foundational platform where China Institute could reach the next generation of Americans. Now, anyone can stay connected to their rich Chinese culture and get involved with China Institute in a few easy clicks.

Does your non-profit need a website that highlights your fantastic services? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital