February 1, 2016

Domain Registry of America Scam?

Have you received an official-looking envelope from “Domain Registry of America?” It’s a white envelope with an American flag in the upper left corner.

When you open it, it states “Domain Name Expiration Notice” in the upper right-hand corner.

I can tell you that most of my clients don’t remember who they registered their domain name with, and a notice like this will really confuse them.

The notice gives you a dire warning that a “failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in the loss of your online identity…”

Even though it states “This notice is not a bill,” it looks like an invoice.

At this point, most people would be worried; they would stop reading, complete the form and authorize a payment to Domain Registry of America.

What they have just done is authorize the transfer of their domain so that Domain Registry of America can be their new registrar for $35 per year. What sucks about that is they were probably paying only $6 to $10 per year to their current registrar!

So is this a scam? Not quite, but it’s certainly on the borderline of deceptive.

If you get a notice from Domain Registry of America and they are not your registrar, please feel free to put it in the trash.