Smooth, Jazzy, Distinct Web Design

The Spirit.

Working with a repeat client can certainly streamline a process, and that developed familiarity cannot be understated. However, each new project can still bring a unique profile and set of requirements. Kind of Blue, a brand of whisky from Riviera Imports, a longtime e9digital client, was no exception. To commemorate what would’ve been legendary jazz great Miles Davis’ 90th birthday (in 2016), Riviera Imports in conjunction with the Davis family/estate created “Kind of Blue” whisky. Brewed in Scotland, inspired by his legacy, and named after his iconic album (the best-selling jazz record of all time) – the blended Scotch whisky needed the website to reflect the smooth, distinctive style of the spirit itself, and that of Miles Davis.

The Blend.

Already completed before the start of this project, the packaging design was provided to e9 so that those elements could be carefully integrated into the digital experience’s look and feel. Additionally, e9 was given access to the Davis estate’s photo library, allowing iconic images of the legendary artist, as well as some of his original artwork, to be featured throughout. Great design has a narrative, and when paired with the rich history of such a renowned artist, the story oftentimes writes itself.

The Taste.

Much like a whisky’s melding of grain and malts, the flavor of a website is the culmination of design and functionality. The goal of both – a rewarding user experience. The character, however, comes from the added complexities. In addition to the provided artwork and access to Davis’s photos and artwork – the site also required the coordination of a product photoshoot, image retouching/altering, an age verification popup, a recipe page, and extended information about both Miles and whisky in general.

The Finish.

With a blend of exceptional elements, a visual balance, an undertone of information, and a richness in functionality, the final product was ready to be enjoyed – and the review was a glowing one…

“For the second time e9digital has created a website for a new brand that we are launching. Not only are we totally satisfied with the results, working with Conrad and his team is always a great process. They are professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this firm for website needs.” Lisa Marcus, Kind of Blue Whisky

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