June 22, 2023

e9 launched a website for Trialogics to drive traffic to their game-changing trial tech!

e9 digital Creates a Heart-Pounding Website

Trialogics offers advanced systems for tomorrow through their clinical trial services software. They utilize cloud-based technology to simplify the clinical trial process, connecting subjects, sites, clinical operations, and sponsors in one platform.

However, their website was clunky and confusing to use, unlike their actual product.

e9 digital came in to upgrade the website to reflect the modern capabilities of Trialogics, one of the only companies to offer remote device management. The company needed their website to be easy to navigate so their target audience could completely understand each of the unique features behind Trialogics’ software.

We worked with Trialogics to design a website that
  • Featured modern design through enticing video, live graphics, and a simple color scheme that highlighted the important page content.
  • Created an intuitive UX through a home page and headers that made it easy to navigate the rest of the website
  • Highlighted their brand benefits on the home page, including their user-friendly interface and impeccable customer service with 24/7/365 Support

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Trialogics was impressed by how we simplified their messaging so that anyone who read their site could understand what they do. 

"We knew with the complex nature of their business that we'd not only need to make sure that the messaging was concise but also that the layout was clean and straightforward. This led to the modern design and simplified elements used throughout the web design." - Jordan Harriger, Associate Creative Director

At the end of the day, e9 proved hands down why Trialogics are the experts of their field through informative yet palatable pages on eConsent, Interactive Response Technology (IRT), eCOA (Clinical Outcome Assessment), and Remote Device Management. 

This website makes it easy for Trialogics to outline how they provide efficient trials with advanced technology and support. 

Got a fantastic product or service but a website that fails to reflect all its capabilities? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital