Honestly, it’s Just a Name

If you want to get technical.

For most iconic brands, it all starts out with a catchy name. Whether it’s the whimsy of Google or the winning spirit of Nike, the right name defines your core message and connects with the target. The brand, Fascet did the exact opposite. Even if you knew how to spell or pronounce Fascet (most of their clients didn’t), the name means nothing and lacks any sort of consumer spark. In the technology market, a well-designed brand can sometimes be as big as the tech itself. e9digital definitely had an e-challenge on its plate.

Hard fast rules of a software name.

With new innovative solutions constantly cropping up in the software as a service (SaaS) market, we had to not only carve out a unique reason to use their service, but also convince their target they were the right brand for the job. Fascet did not exude confidence at all. So we went to work researching the data management solutions market, audited the competition, and developed a detailed target profile. 500 plus naming options later, AlphaCentrix was born. Essentially, combining the ideas that they are leading experts within this financial industry that offer all the capabilities you need in one central place. Since this name would also serve as the overarching brand, versatility too was a vital component when developing the sub-brand architecture (AlphaMaster, AlphaGrid, etc.)

Time for tools and tech.

With the naming structure established it was time to develop the global brand strategy—a look and feel that infused excitement to their solution launches and could evolve with the company’s future growth. This full-service treatment included leveraging the established branding to develop an entire arsenal of marketing tools: landing pages, tradeshow displays, email signatures—the works. We even kept with this versatile theme on the backend. We landed on DNN (formerly DotNetNuke), because of how seamless it is to build on the platform, the intuitive management system and exceptional security.

More than a digital face.

For us, this assignment solidified ourselves in the full-service agency camp; e9 goes way beyond digital. Our experienced team of developers and creators allows us to cultivate brand growth from all different marketing angles. Meaning, we are the one-stop-shop our clients can turn to for all of their off and online needs.

“As an agency, these are the projects we live for— challenging branding as well as intricate web development work. All while working with a client who is open to doing some great stuff.”

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