June 6, 2024

Doctor Website Design Case Study: Dr. Judith

Making mental health innovation accessible to millions

People instantly connect with Dr. Judith, and it shows: she has a massive social media following, with nearly 800k followers across three platforms and 15 million views per month, using her dual Ivy League education to bridge the gap between advanced mental health research and real-world understanding. As a leading board-certified psychiatrist, researcher, and award-winning content creator, she helps millions of people unlock a new world of mental health and professional growth.

Her site visitors come from all walks of life, all over the world, and people with disabilities need to be able to readily access it. She turned to e9digital because of our previous reviews and reputation for creating sustainable, ADA-compliant websites.

Producers look for educated professionals with charisma to speak on talk shows, late-night, news, and more. As a thought leader, Dr. Judith has built an impressive reputation within the medical community. Dr. Judith required doctor website design to leverage her reputation as she entered a new phase of her career: medical media consulting. With her social media following and research background, Dr. Judith is the exact type of talent producers are looking for–they just need to be able to find her.

Creating instant access to Dr. Judith

The UI was the biggest challenge for Dr. Judith’s site. Media companies hiring public speakers don’t have time to read a lengthy website or search for a phone number. The homepage needed to seamlessly lay out her credentials and contact information so companies that want to hire her for speaking engagements could find it quickly.

We outlined the three connecting elements of Dr. Judith’s career so that the needs of each section of her target audience were met.

  • Researcher: highlights her thought leadership and scholarship
  • Psychiatrist: showcases how she demystifies complex psychiatric topics for audiences
  • Content creator: proves her charisma and capability to entertain and inform viewers

Additionally, we included clear calls to action with a phone number and email. Producers may be reaching out to Dr. Judith for a same-day booking, and a phone number with text and calling capabilities guarantees they can contact her immediately.

 A contact button CTA intuitively placed at the top right navigation bar calls up a pop-up window with her phone number and email. 

Another CTA of her phone number and email was strategically placed at the bottom of the page. Once producers are won over by the content on the home page, it invites them to contact her.

Doctor website design that deliver what the target audience needs


“The website looks great. It is sleek and it’s easy to manage, it’s not too cluttered, not too overwhelming, I think you did a fabulous job. Thank you.” - Dr. Judith

When our designers created Dr. Judith’s website, they put themselves in the shoes of her target audience. With best practices such as UX design, SEO, and clear calls to action, media producers and sponsors can easily navigate the website and contact Dr. Judith in seconds.

Do you need a website that doesn’t just explain your product but does so in a way that generates leads? Contact e9digital today to learn more about how our website design strategies speak directly to your clients and customers.