October 4, 2023

Marketing for Geniuses: Your Marketing Growth Strategy Is Your Gold Mine!

Our clients are geniuses in their fields of expertise, but they’re not experts in Web Design, Branding and Digital Marketing. We’re geniuses with these skills. As a collaborative team with our clients, we do great things together.

If I told you, “You’re sitting on a gold mine,” you would immediately respond: “Conrad, how do I get that gold?”

Well, you are sitting on a gold mine. 

Your marketing growth strategy is your gold mine.

Every type of marketing your company invests in is a different gold mine. So, consider each marketing avenue as its own patch of land. You know there’s gold (or customers, sales, or whatever makes you money) in the land, so you’re going to buy it. Then you figure out how to mine the gold on that property.

One marketing growth strategy gold mine many people choose to invest in is search engine optimization (SEO) services, which is the process of making your website come up as the first result on Google. Another is email marketing, where you have a newsletter with a successful open rate (17 to 28%) that gets sent out every week or so to your current customer base.

Marketers understand the machinery that needs to be put on that mine to dig the gold out, run it through the trommel, and get the gold flakes out so your company can make a million dollars!

Get Rich Quick (for Real): Run All Your Mines at Once

There are multiple, lucrative mines for every business. That’s right; you could be sitting on ten different mines and you don’t even know it!

What’s even better is that you can run them simultaneously!

The type of gold (AKA your customers) that will come out of your SEO mine is not the same as the gold from your PPC mine because people make purchasing decisions differently. Some people look to Google for their research while others choose social media such as Instagram or YouTube. But if you don’t invest in social media or SEO, then you’ll never mine any gold out of that land. 

Because if people can’t find you on Google, they aren’t going to buy from you on Google. 

And it’s not just mining itself–are you mining enough? Are you mining wisely? Do you have enough machines mining on that property to collect all the gold? Marketing agencies like e9digital are the machines that help you decipher the right amount of “mining” to do on each section of land to secure the highest profit. 

Don’t Go Broke: Mine the Right Land With A Marketing Growth Strategy

For some pieces of the land, the cost to retrieve the gold simply isn’t worth the expense. They’ll just drain your accounts dry. The same is true for marketing. 

At e9digital, this would be PPC (pay-per-click) services. PPC is a great marketing tool for tons of businesses, especially those in online retail. But my clients tend to not click on ads. They bypass the ads and go straight into organic search. So for me, one of my biggest marketing gold mines is SEO.

It’s critical to select the right mines for gold. If it’s too sparse, then you’re going to be spending tons of money and your cost of acquisition will be way too high.

It’s Time to Strike It Rich With Help From e9digital

The gold rush is alive and well, but it looks a little different than it did in the 1800s. Now, it’s all online, and with the right prospectors (AKA marketing team), you can make your millions.

Mine for your marketing gold with the experts at e9digital. We’re a full-scale marketing and website development agency that can help you pinpoint where your target audience spends their time on the internet. Then, we’ll come alongside you to create a strategy to mine for gold together.

So stop sitting on top of all that gold and call e9digital to start mining today!