Good Design Breeds Inspiration

You must stay focused.

One of the biggest challenges of any project, especially one that is aimed at attracting a multitude of users, covering a spectrum of issues, and triggering engagement – is keeping a clear consistent message. WeAre Foundation, an organization that is dedicated to harnessing the transformative force of art to connect young people to their civic responsibilities, obviously has a lot to say. Sometimes, however, less is more. To achieve the goal of facilitating catalysts for change, the foundation needed to express themselves and their mission in a way that was equal parts concise, and intriguing.

Express yourself.

To inspire engagement WeAre Foundation leverages the arts, and incentivizes communities to develop outreach programs, create grassroots campaigns for change, and support local events. An in-depth discovery phase further examining the core identity of the foundation gave e9 insight into how to prioritize the information and content throughout the site. Then using a calculated combination of words, visuals, sound, and interactivity, e9 honed in on components that were key to creating an immersive experience that is attractive to the community artists making up the target audience.

The details are worth a thousand words.

Featuring closeup video backgrounds of peoples’ faces immediately emphasizes a sense of our shared humanity. Keeping messaging short, including hashtags, and integrating social media channels resonates with a younger audience. Having both English and Spanish versions of the site translates to inclusivity. Using music on the “about” page adds another layer of artistic expression. An “I Pledge” form engages users and motivates them into a commitment. Animated counters, scrolling events, and featured ambassadors reinforce the sense of community. When all these different components work together so seamlessly and creatively, that’s when you can say a lot with what looks like a little.

Award-worthy artwork.

We knew that the end result was something special, so in coordination with WeAre Foundation, e9 entered for “Site of the Day” consideration by the panel of specialists at Awwwards – an organization aimed at recognizing the talent, creativity, and innovation of the best web agencies in the world. The official nomination it received came as little surprise – but was rewarding nonetheless.

“Awesome…I’m always telling people (that e9digital) did our site.”
Ashley Monet | Co-Founder/Executive Director, WeAre Foundation

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