February 15, 2024

Web Design For Education: New Website for Elevate Teaching

e9digital’s New Web Design for Education Highlights Elevate Teaching Which Creates Fresh Pathways for Diverse, Equitable Educators

Schools have suffered the worst staffing shortages in recent history since the COVID-19 pandemic. All is not lost: there are tried and tested strategies to recruit and retain educators of color. Elevate Teaching was founded to cultivate a thriving educator workforce that meets the educational needs of local communities. They partner with school systems, teacher preparation programs, and community organizations to design new pathways for sustainable teacher pipelines. 

However, the company lacked a website to educate visitors about their programs and provide a clear call to action for applications. Additionally, they needed a place to showcase their team, resources, and a secondary call to action to collect donations.

With this in mind, e9digital was the ideal web design agency for the job. Elevate Teaching was impressed by e9digital’s strong proposal that highlighted our expertise in web design and communication. Elevate Teaching trusted us to develop a modern website that reflected the organization’s brand identity.

Web Design For Education That Speaks to the Importance of Diverse Educators

Elevate Teaching is an aspirational company with a life-changing mission of equipping the educators of tomorrow. The mission and vision of creating a more equitable education system needed to be an actionable idea throughout the site. This was accomplished through inspiring graphics embedded next to critical site information, to communicate visually what the text was saying.

The design language for the site was driven by the existing branding Elevate Teaching had in place. Mountains symbolize awe and power, so e9digital played off that with a mountain motif and cool colors to reinforce how important educators are. Teachers play a powerful role in student’s lives and are awe-inspiring to their communities.

e9digital produced a simple yet effective modern UX design to establish easy pathways to navigate the website. Using a strong contrasting orange, we were able to call attention to key elements. Clickable CTA buttons encourage website visitors to explore programs, apply, donate, and learn more about the two programs offered: the Elevate Teacher Residency and the Teaching Pathways Fellowship. An active, stationary header ensures people can always find their way back to important pages: Programs, Resources, About, and Contact.

Inspiring the Educators of Tomorrow With an Enticing Website Today

The final website product successfully portrayed the heart of Elevate Teaching’s story, and the company was impressed by e9digital’s ability to take their concept from paper to realization. Additionally, e9digital used WordPress’s CMS platform, so Elevate Teaching could easily make changes to the site themselves. The company has done so and even brought e9digital back on to incorporate a 3rd party application system. 

Bottom line, e9digital worked within Elevate Teaching’s framework to launch a complete website that they could fully edit on their own if needed, allowing the company to craft their own content and boost their website’s engagement.

A top-rated creative website design and marketing firm in NYC, e9digital creates custom websites that convert by focusing on the needs of the client’s target audience.

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Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital