February 7, 2016

SEO Truth: My SEO Guy Promised Me Top Position on Google

I was speaking to an architect last week about how his SEO guy promised to get him top position on Google.

“That’s amazing,” I said.

“What about the other 10,000 SEO guys who are promising the same thing to their architect clients? How can they all promise their clients the top position?”

That’s when it dawned on him that it just doesn’t add up.

The SEO Truth

The SEO truth is that they will probably try to rank their client for some obscure key phrase like “New York City Residential Architect,” which gets an astounding 0 (yes, zero) searches per month.

Compare that with “New York City Architect” which gets 5,400 searches per month and “Residential Architect” which gets 12,100 searches per month.

Getting a page on your website ranked highly on Google can have big benefits. On average, the top three pages for a given keyword have about a 40%, 12%, and 8% click-through rate, but if no one or very few people are searching for the key phrase that you are optimized for, then it would be better not to make that investment.

There’s a right way to do SEO and I’ll discuss that in a future blog post. Until then I want you to think about how much you should pay your SEO guy to get you ranked for “New York City Residential Architect?” View our SEO services if you need help.