November 1, 2023

e9digital Expands the M3 Universe with Public Money Action

Creating an Online Platform For Public Money Action’s Investment in a New Economic Policy Paradigm

Public Money Action is part of the M3 non-profit framework, and needed a separate website to match the new branding. The design team e9digital started this process for Modern Money Network (MMN), and the client was so pleased with the results, they brought us back to work on Public Money Action (PMA). 

Where MMN focuses on education, PMA focuses on action. Both entities required a news section to highlight important financial stories and a designated space to highlight their current campaigns to close the wealth gap.

Establishing the Interconnectedness of Economics and Public Interest Through Green Iconography

PMA’s mission focuses on advocacy and research in the government space to enact new policies that put people first, ensuring inclusion and dignity for every American. The e9digital design team knew that specialized green iconography would invoke a sense of peace and prosperity, the very goals PMA prioritizes for the common man. The tree icon for PMA actually is a person as the base, showing how we can grow with the right financial tools given to us.

e9digital’s mission was to ensure that PMA could hone the website to meet their needs even after the design phase. For this reason, the site was crafted within a WordPress CMS. By using a content management system, PMA can easily add blogs, pages, and other types of content. This guarantees seamless updates on their important policy campaigns to redefine what money means for the average American. Of course, e9digital is available on retainer for any maintenance needs or questions. Additionally, this allows e9digital to maintain website compliance, a critical component for companies promoting inclusion and advocacy.

Prioritizing Website Synergy to Increase Brand Awareness and Financial Advocacy

When a design works, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. e9digital took core concepts from the MMN redesign and remastered the UX for the needs of PMA. The core elements look familiar so that if a visitor has navigated one website, they understand where to find what they need on the other. Ultimately, PMA valued the intuitive interface and simple header that directs visitors to the most important elements: About Us, Campaigns, and How to Get Involved.

By creating a baseline structure that will work across three websites, e9digital was able to craft a strong brand voice that connects M3 yet allows for distillation of the important differences that each branch has to offer. 

Do you need iconography and a seamless site design to showcase branches of your brand? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital