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No More Numbness

With a barrage of banners and online ads, we have become almost numb to it all. Zoning out for 15 seconds before we can access the content we crave. The ones that cut through the clutter understand that it’s all about being authentic. Not necessarily advertising to consumers but providing benefits in the form of education or engagement. When done right consumers will not only look forward to continuing to view your content, but more importantly—associate this content with your brand.

It can be a tough order, but e9digital is always up for the challenge.

Case Study

Flashy Photoshoot
We directed a sizable photoshoot with over 50 employees.

Holborn Corporation:

A Comprehensive, Full-Service Case Study

Experience brand-tenders

When it comes to marketing the right way, you need a team that’s been around the branding block. An agency that knows what goes into creating something unique and magnetic to consumers.

  • The personal touch.
    These days, honest and transparent trumps slick and manufactured. Consumers want a story. A real one that they can root for and connect with to come back for more.
  • Start with a strategic plan.
    Being focused in your branding approach is always a smart move. Data, research, best practices—all can contribute to a strategy that can help grow your brand in the right direction.
  • Brand unveiling.
    “New” is the ultimate lure. Whether it’s a brand extension or a new service if it’s done right, it can be that new shiny something that draws consumers in and will keep ‘em coming back for more.



Step 1

A New Chapter in Storytelling

If you have the story, it's important to tell it the right way—create an emotional narrative that connects with your target. This can be done through advertising, a brand mission statement, values—wherever you have the room to tell that story.


Step 2

Get Vocal

Honesty. Humor. Transparency. Value. Trust. All that comes from cultivating your brand voice. Harnessing the power of words. A tagline. Web content. Value proposition. Verbal avenues help shape the voice of your brand on an ongoing basis. With digital and social being 24/7 you can also evolve your voice at any time. Though, it’s important to know that voice isn't just what you present, but how you verbalize with customers. For that reason, consistency is extremely important.


Step 3

Picture Perfect

Colors. Graphic Iconography. Imagery. Logos. These all contribute to the visual identity of your brand. In this visual-centric world, it now has the added responsibility of telling your brand story and even evoking emotions. The brand masters don’t even have to display the entire visual identity. A color or even a shape can do the trick. While it does take time to cultivate. It can be easier to achieve if you have a niche audience and have a consistent presence on your websites and in your advertising.


Step 4

Get Launched

When it comes to a brand launch, as an agency we do our best not to deviate from the client’s timeline. Those unveiling moments can come in the form of a tradeshow, a calendar moment, or pretty much any time during the year that will bring their brand front and center. Dates that are hard to push off.