Digestible Strategy

Sorta like the online version of sextuplets.

Abundia Financial invests in the future of our planet…literally. From renewable energy to industrial recyclables—this conglomerate is made up of six companies that do everything from financial services to material handling to even logistical support—all within the area of sustainability. e9digtal’s job is to literally reenergize this renewable energy investment site by simply making it digestible for potential customers. Though after hitting the site map drawing board, it became evident that no matter how we designed the user flow, there’s a lot to unpack. So rather than cramming it all on one site, we gave birth to six subsidiaries.

Need it yesterday timing.

Aside from the challenge of design, time and money became factors. Four weeks was pretty much all the client had allotted for launching the main site. Considering development can take up to ten working days, that doesn’t leave much time for creative design and less for client review. Add on the limited budget, and you’ve got the potential for an epic fail.

Need to know user flow.

As the umbrella corporation for six different companies, it stands to reason that Abundia Financial’s clients essentially all have different needs. So why subject them to a UI where they have to double click their way through unnecessary data? Instead, our main site becomes a hub that offers a glimpse into the company’s overarching focus and goals. While links to the subsidiary companies are clearly listed right on the main page.

The power of one.

To keep within budget, we assigned the project to just one designer. Not having the option of utilizing multiple creative teams was a bit of a risk, but it allowed us to be even more streamlined and focused. Yet we could be flexible enough to handle any pivot or push back. Fortunately, our client point person offered clear solutions and timely feedback with barely any changes. This is pretty much a testament to not just our designing skills, but how e9digital keeps an open line of communication, so the client feels that they are always in the loop.

Clicking for clicks.

In the end, having a laser-focused game plan and even clearer client feedback helped the project remain seamless from start to finish and even landed us extra biz—designing their business cards. As of now, the main site is up and running, while we work on the subsidiary sites. And if they give birth to octuplets, we’ll be ready to handle that too.

It’s always fascinating to watch projects evolve through each phase—especially one with so many different facets and moving parts. Facilitating communication and collaboration between designers, developers, and clients is always rewarding, but when the client is working towards a positive impact on the world, it’s even better!

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