Building a Website that Stands Out

Building a website that stands out.

When New York City-based Nutritionist Juliana Shalek reached out to our local Manhattan digital agency, she was looking for a way to stand out. After all, in a city of millions of people, it’s easy to get lost in the masses. Juliana already had an amazing concept in mind for her new nutrition consulting business, The Nutrition Suite. She just needed some help bringing it to fruition with a new website. That’s where we came in.

A smart website for a smart business model.

Juliana’s vision for her new nutrition and health website was based on her unique business model of offering nutrition services grouped in “suites,” categorized by momentous life events that people generally want to get healthy for, like weddings, pregnancy, health diagnosis, and more. We were impressed with the concept and wanted to design and develop a website as smart and original as her business.

Bringing a unique sales concept to life.

Our team customized a clean, modern WordPress frame to create a visually dynamic homepage that invites users in and immediately drives them to Juliana’s unique suite of services. The design came together flawlessly – a striking banner image, a neat display of services, and a colorful blog and instagram feed that infuses the page with both professionalism and personality. The challenge, we learned, was deciding the best way to set-up Juliana’s check-out process. Nutrition consultations aren’t your average eCommerce product; what was the most effective way to market her services and drive users to complete a purchase?

With our technical team, we created an efficient, conversion-centric checkout process that made sense for Juliana’s clients and products. Users could chose which “Nutrition Suite” suited their needs, and then purchase an initial consultation, after which Juliana and her clients could decide together which ongoing package was the most suitable, and could be purchased in-person. Our web developers built a simple, straight-forward checkout flow that brought The Nutrition Suite’s unique sales concept to life.

It’s more than good web design.

“I’ve been getting feedback regarding my website and it is all FABULOUS! Thanks so much!”Juliana Shalek | Founder, CEO, The Nutrition Suite

What our web designers and developers came up with was not only a beautiful, functional website, but a sales and marketing platform that helped The Nutrition Suite stand out from the thousands of other nutritionists in New York City. While many have a web presence, very few have a check-out process that allows users to comfortably and easily purchase nutrition services with a click of a button. To say the least, Juliana was happy.

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