October 20, 2023

e9digital Rebranded Modern Money Network’s Online Economic Ecosystem

Crafting an Equal Parts Dynamic and Informative Website to Cultivate Economic Knowledge and Personal Growth

Modern Money Network (MMN) is committed to making money better for everyone through education, prioritizing community to discuss and refine ideas about finance. But MMN needed to display their tri-fold organization across three synergistic websites: Modern Money Network, Public Money Action, and the MMT Project. e9digital leveraged Symrise Vnlla’s dual B2B and B2C strategies and our own website rebrands over the years to win over MMN. Add our expertise in website accessibility—a must-have for inclusive, forward-thinking companies—and we were a shoo-in for the job.

Paving the Way to Economic Freedom With Informative Content, Reliable Colors, and a Modern Design

As a trusted resource in the economic community, MMN needed visually stunning elements and a modern design to highlight their mission, ensure ease of use in UI, UX to seamlessly integrate and showcase their content, and achieve ADA accessibility to prove their commitment to equality.

e9digital accomplished these requirements through a dedicated project manager working one-on-one with MMN to create:

✅A streamlined UI, including a mission and values page to outline their beliefs on the idea of money.

✅Customized iconography across the site that displayed the connection globally between people and money.

✅Soothing, dark royal blue colors that imbue a sense of trustworthiness and reliability, in line with the quality symposia and conferences held by MMN.

✅Highlighted robust opportunities for both members and non-members alike through a member resource page and header that navigates users to past and current events.

✅Quarterly reviews of ADA requirements to ensure accessibility for users of all backgrounds.

✅Optimized design that works on every device so anyone can view the site, anywhere.

Creating an Online Platform that Funnels Real-World Financial Conversations, Accessible to Everyone

e9digital delivered a website that introduces people to MMN and encourages them to get involved. The footer outlines the entire MMN ecosystem, a simple and effective way for interested parties to learn about the comprehensive brand. The client loved that the website offers everyone a voice, just like their company, from ADA compliance to the two-click process of starting your own learning ecosystem through Airtable.

While the economy remains a challenging beast to understand for many of us, MMN can really shine as a way to break down financial barriers with the help of e9digital’s instructive yet simple website design and ongoing, affordable

Does your company have a complicated structure that needs to be clearly explained? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital