Scoop of Ecommerce

A new recipe for growth.

Since 2008, nothing has gone better with the blazing summer heat than a cool, creamy scoop of VanLeeuwen ice cream. What started out as a yellow ice cream truck wandering the streets of NYC has grown into dedicated shops and a fleet of trucks all over NYC, NJ, and even LA. Then in 2020, everything changed. With the pandemic dissembling our entire social structure and economy, brick and mortar retail had to rethink how it could maintain its viability. With state guidelines limiting customer interaction, businesses like Van Leeuwen were hit the hardest. They needed an entirely new commerce strategy, and e9 had the recipe.

Creme de la creme of commerce.

Similar to the unorthodox approach Van Leeuwen puts into the ice cream flavors, e9 had to develop a similar innovative strategy to help remedy a fractured DTC market. Ecommerce made the most sense, but it had to be remixed to work with a cool end product which is not conducive to traditional shipping methods. For ecommerce to even be considered, Van Leeuwen repurposed their two warehouses and solidified shipping options that regardless if local or nationwide, could deliver cold and creamy ice cream right to a customer’s doorstep. Of course, now the entire plan hinged on being able to set this delicious new commerce strategy in motion, online.

Goofy, only takes you so far.

With flavors like Ceylon Cinnamon Toast and Vegan Oat Milk Caramelized Banana Praline— whimsical, fun and goofy is definitely Van Leeuwen’s sweet spot. While this voice made sense for branding and education, with complex logistics needed to allow ice cream orders to automatically be routed to a specific warehouse based on customers’ addresses, the site needed a complete overhaul. One that clearly showcased the delicious ice cream flavors, new packaging, a seamless UI and a system that could track inventory and automatically update based on products purchased. To accomplish this, our developers migrated the entire site from Squarespace to a more customization-friendly WordPress platform that was also ADA compliant. Another nod to WordPress dealt with the actual product. To ensure ice cream was shipped and received in its tasty frozen form, a specific packaging and size is required that limits the number of units it can hold. For this reason, we needed additional customization to ensure this limit was set on the cart purchase.

Open clients bring about change.

For us, Van Leeuwen represents our optimal client. One who understands the problem and is receptive of what needs to be done to move forward. A willingness most evident in the streamlined process that resulted in straightforward reviews and revisions. The final result, a new taste of success, with six figures of ice cream sold since our site upgrade.

Rapid re-engineering of a brick and mortar-based business to a focused e-commerce strategy can mitigate loss and position a brand for future success.

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