November 28, 2023

e9digital Refreshed Start Elevator’s Website to Reflect Their Revitalized Brand

e9digital Powers Start Elevator’s Website With a Modern Feel

New York City is the home to over 400 skyscrapers. When the elevators malfunction, it’s an absolute nightmare. That’s where Start Elevator enters the picture. They’ve been supporting building owners of all types with high-quality, value elevator services since 1992. 

When they needed an updated website presence to better showcase their cost-saving services, Start Elevator turned to e9digital. Start Elevator worked with e9 on a previous project. They knew firsthand that they could rely on us to support their creative ideas, best highlight their brand benefits, and deliver the expected quality. 

A UX Design and a Winning USP Elevates Website Content

Start Elevator trusted e9digital as an authority on UX design. To create an intuitive UX, e9digital focused on Start Elevator’s target audience: NY Metro Building owners, property managers, superintendents, and more. These people don’t have time to try to navigate a complicated website. So, e9digital created a website that first and foremost highlights Start Elevator’s quality services.

One of e9digital’s most common benefits for clients is to allow website visitors to find exactly what they came for in one click. This will reveal the elevator services laid out in rounded squares of distinct, muted hues to attract the eyes without overwhelming the viewer.

“Don’t Stop Moving” as a Unique Selling Proposition reminds Start Elevator clients that they can make the most of their buildings without losing a cent due to costly elevator repair delays. This type of streamlined content effectively sells Start Elevator’s service in seconds.

Shining the Spotlight On Start Elevator’s Competitive Advantage

Start Elevator has a fantastic proven track record and dependability of service, but no one knows if that content is a paragraph buried at the end of a random webpage. They needed to highlight their process in a digestible way that could speak to customers’ needs. e9digital provided custom graphics to add visual cues to each promise, proving Start Elevator’s commitment to total customer satisfaction.

“In UX design, graphics and imagery can be just as valuable as text. Visual cues help readers process information faster and better engage with the brand” - Jason Solak, Senior Production Manager

Elevators are the heart of NYC buildings, and Start Elevator’s revitalized website reflects their superior workmanship and cutting-edge innovation in every single project they undertake. Now, they have a digital space to generate awareness about the time-tested quality of their work. 

Does your business need a modern website refresh that elevates your USP? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital