August 31, 2023

Marketing for Geniuses: SEO in NYC

Previously on… Marketing for Geniuses! So far, we’ve delved into how your website is a building

Web design strategy is the process of constructing your building. Our Website maintenance checklist keeps your building running smoothly so that people continue to visit (and feel safe being there).

And now that you have your building and you’re maintaining it, your building also needs nice landscaping in the acres that surround it. 

Because people go off first impressions—they may have heard that a book is an interesting read, but if they go to the bookstore and one with a shinier, more attractive cover catches their eyes, they’ll pick that one instead. 

Just like people judge books by their covers, they’ll judge your website building the same way.

You need to landscape the building. Hire gardeners to plant beautiful flowers, painters to keep the outside pristine, and power washers to keep the sidewalks and exterior clean.

When working on websites, this beautifying building work is called search engine optimization (SEO). This is the process of making your website appear in the top ten search results on Google’s SERP (the search engine results page) for specific search terms (called keywords) that match what your customers will be typing into Google.

If you want people to visit your building, you need to be in the top ten on Google.

The first ten websites to appear on Google’s organic search (meaning they aren’t advertisements) receive 88% of the clicks (with the #1 spot scoring the most, of course, at 28.5%). Starting with the 11th search result listing, that number drops to less than 1%

NYC SEO Strategy: Adding Relevancy To Your Website’s Landscape

You can have the nicest upscale building, but if the acres around it are unkempt, overgrown with weeds, neglected and unwelcoming, no one will venture beyond the derelict lawn to visit your great building. In fact, no one might ever see the building behind the weeds.

There are endless ways to landscape the outside of a building, but the end goal is to make it more appealing for customers to step inside.

You can think of SEO the same way. These strategies make your website more relevant to your target audience so they can find you easier on the internet.

The following strategies are the bread and butter of SEO.

  • Keywords: In short, keywords are the search terms your audience types into Google that match your website. This is what the user write to describe what they’re looking for, and you must aim to be the answer to their question.
  • Optimized Blogs: It’s important to write SEO-optimized blogs with valuable content on your website based around keywords that answers people’s questions to improve your SERP rankings. We do this with our website’s blogs! True and valuable information and content that people are looking for is the essence of what Google seeks to provide is users, so make sure to be a good source!
  • Local SEO: If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you want to rank on Google based on your location so that customers in your neighborhood can find you. Local SEO strategies help you become the most relevant business in the block and you’ll improve your audience and proespects by also being the most conveniently located!
  • Google Business Profile: The Yellow Pages for the internet. Register your Google Business Profile to ensure all the information about your business on Google is accurate. Your profile on Google Business will grant your website the legitimacy it needs to become a reputable website worth ranking.
  • Backlinking: Tells Google that the content is valuable, so you want to backlink (⬅️that right there is a backlink)to other reputable sites and have other sites backlink to you. Word-of-mouth is also a thing in the internet. If other websites reference your own, your reputation will improve, and if you refer to reputable websites, your site is seen as a good source of information and therefore valuable.

Just like with website security and maintenance, SEO is an ongoing effort. You can’t just mow the lawn once outside your building and never do it again. You have to mow weekly, just like you should be posting blog content once a week.

So, you could add a lot more work to your plate and do the SEO yourself, or, use our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services to do it for you.

Cultivate a Landscape That Makes Your Neighbors Jealous With e9digital

e9digital can make your SEO so beautiful that all your neighbors (aka your competitors) will be green with envy. We know we can do this because we do SEO for our own website.

We have skin in the game!

Our website currently ranks for around 100 keywords on Google in the top ten search results. That means for a hundred variations of search queries, we’re the website people are clicking.

And we can implement the same methods for you.

Look, you won’t see the success of SEO overnight, but with consistent SEO content and strategies, you too can have a beautifully landscaped website that appears in the top ten search results on Google.

If you’re ready to tackle that overgrown lawn and become a top contender on Google, contact e9digital today so we can use our marketing genius and get started on your SEO landscaping.

Next week, we’re gonna take a step back and look at one of the most important (and easiest) tools you can use to build your website: WordPress. Maybe you’ve heard of it, now you’ll understand why approximately 43.1% of all websites use it!