February 15, 2024

Nonprofit Web Design: JEDI Rare Cancer Foundation’s Refreshed Website

The JEDI Foundation Teams Up With e9digital for Top Nonprofit Web Design to Highlight the Alarming Frequency of Rare Cancer Diagnoses

Rare cancers are not rare; one in four cancer patients suffer from a “rare cancer,” yet there is little to no hope of a positive outcome. JEDI Rare Cancer Foundation supports scientific research, advocacy, and community engagement to make a lasting impact in the field of rare cancer research. The organization was founded in 2017 after Jed Taxel passed away from a rare cancer, only months after the diagnosis. His family founded JEDI as his legacy, to accelerate scientific discovery that will change lives and enable better outcomes for rare cancer patients and their families.

With such an important message, JEDI required a website with an intuitive user flow so that all visitors could understand the mission and support the cause in seconds. The non-profit needed an experienced website designer to come in and refresh the site with UX in mind to accomplish this task. JEDI has been a long-term client and has had a close working relationship with e9digital over the past 13 years. Once JEDI decided that they needed digital transforamtion services, it was an easy decision for them to trust e9digital to get the job done.

Boosting the JEDI’s Reach Through Powerful UX Design and Clear Calls to Action

To give the website a modern feel, e9digital implemented UX best practices to craft a website that properly displayed everything from the foundation’s mission, their upcoming events, to their newsletter archive. A clean header with active CTA buttons highlights two critical actions for the website: to donate to the cause or sign up for the newsletter. The text-only hero image speaks to the urgency of the situation. People are succumbing to rare cancers far too often–they and their families need help now.

JEDI and e9digital worked side-by-side to upgrade the logo and color palette to appeal to modern audiences. According to color psychology, orange is associated with passion, love, and happiness. It speaks to what Jed Taxel wanted for rare cancer diagnoses and their families: to have the same chance of positive outcomes that standard cancer patients do. 

Simple designs, such as interlinking circles and floating boxes, were implemented to draw attention to important sections of the page but not to act as a distraction to the critical content.

A Satisfying Conclusion That Simplifies Communication Between JEDI and Their Partners

With many worthwhile initiatives in the pipeline, JEDI’s new website gives them the opportunity to expand the foundation. They can easily update the site with events, newsletters, and more so they can spread the word about their impact through action and research. The refreshed logo and colors created robust additions to their brand tool kit to implement across platforms, including email and social media.

JEDI had a limited budget and e9digital proved that incredible work can be completed when experts are given creative and professional control. This allowed e9digital to work quickly, using their years of experience to create a fantastic website.

E9digital is a full-contact creative website design and marketing firm. A top firm in NYC, e9digital creates custom websites that convert by focusing on the needs of the client’s target audience.

Does your non-profit need a website that highlights your crucial work without breaking the bank? Let’s talk!

Conrad Strabone

President of e9digital