A Mulch, Mow and Cut Above the Rest

Upping the buzz factor.

Ahhh, the smell of fresh-cut grass. The look of a finely manicured lawn. That’s the calling card for Complete Design—a boutique landscaping company helmed by Susan Haynes, targeting high-end clients. With her passion in this lush field, Susan has built a resume of satisfied Connecticut clients. Of course, with a blah build for her site, her dreams of expansion would definitely be cut short if not for e9.

The ultimate online trust fall.

For the sprawling homes in Connecticut, lawn care is something of an art form. A craft that homeowners take great pride in, which is why they don’t leave it up to any cut-rate service. The prime reason Complete Design’s site needed a complete overhaul. With easily accessible landscaping service content, customer testimonials front and center, and a portfolio of dynamic lawn visuals, we managed to recreate a site perfectly positioned for their future clientele.

Manicure with ease.

With a day-to-day business that keeps Susan constantly dealing with clients, she needed a site that was just as unitive on the backend as the front. New customer reviews. Updating lawn images. All of these elements needed to be easily maintained on her end. That meant aside from design it needed to be developed with a simplified UI along with a robust training session.

The finished product is…

“Flexible.” That’s the one word ACD Jordan Harriger felt best summed up the client relationship. We also developed a platform based on Susan’s lifestyle. This meant creating CMS that was easily manageable for someone who is rarely in front of the computer. And when it came to project management, our PM Jason Solak was persistent with feedback docs. The end result, e9 mowed through the entire project in no time.

"Every project is different. You have to consider so many variables, from the audience to the needs of the client. This means solving new problems and expanding our tech toolbox."

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