Instant Pivot & Reinvention

Planning for the ultimate unknown.

With the world adjusting to a new normal, safety and mitigation are at the top of everyone’s lists. When it comes to businesses, it’s also a time of reinvention—how best companies can pivot and assimilate. For a B2B company like ABW Compliance that provides onsite drug testing and employee background service, expanding to include employee body temperature screenings to ensure safe reopenings seems like a logical step. To promote this offering to their set and potential clientele involved in this process, meant time was of the essence to help integrate this service and content into the site.

A digital facelift.

First, ABW’s site needed to be upgraded on a broad scale. On the frontend, e9 needed to reevaluate and replace the imagery with visuals that better spoke to the industries they currently service as well as potential categories they are looking to reach, On the backend, to further facilitate their offerings we developed tools that allowed ABW to provide urgent or non-time based information the clients requested. To enhance engagement, we also supplied ABW with a newsletter link to help keep an ongoing conversation with their current client base.

Unveiling a new service.

After overhauling their site, it came down to seamlessly integrating this “On-Site Temperature Screening” into ABW’s website. With our visual management tool, we reconfigured the homepage to showcase this new offering—utilizing the established branding (color palette, iconography, etc.). Communication also has to be quick, concise and engaging to incentivize a click to learn more. With the reopening process involving everyone pretty much on this planet, education was a top priority. The specific On-Site Temperature Screening service page, needed to be transparent in the offering as well as clearly explain the process, tools and technology being utilized. Plus, ensure clickthrough with a prominent CTA (call to action) button to learn more or request the service.

Quick quality achieved.

Upon completion of the site in record time, e9’s post-development process included handing over the keys to the virtual castle. With our developer’s signature process video, we were able to train ABW on how to take control of the site for updates and potential customer data capture so they’d be prepped and ready to help the world reopen.

“Another rush project that the final output looked anything but rushed.”

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