Our Own Personal Take on a Branding Recipe

Visual gastronomy.

Farmers and Cooks was part of a larger project tasked to e9digital. RealDeli, a manufacturer focused on providing real, natural, delicious craft meats, also needed its own website to get the e9 treatment. Read more about that project here. The RealDeli idea of natural (not processed) deli meats is reflected in their product, Farmers and Cooks, and the unique challenge was to take branding previously created by another agency, and then make it work within the digital workspace.

Cooking with someone else’s ingredients.

It can be difficult for a chef to make a delicious meal when having to use specific components provided to them (most of us have seen the show Chopped). Credit where credit is due though, the agency that created the full-fledged branding for Farmers and Cooks did provide e9 with a nice basket of visual treats. That being said, RealDeli did not have full confidence in that agency to take those assets and create an immersive, engaging website. That’s when it was time to bring in the top chef, and let e9 creatively marry the visual and digital flavors.

Expanding your digital palette.

When translating branding from static designs to a digital workspace, numerous additional methods and techniques are added to the menu. A couple of standout portions of the site include a clever customized preloader, and a “Find a Store” feature that maps the products’ current availability and offers users the ability to engage with the brand by specifically requesting additional locales for inclusion. The use of animations, responsiveness, dropdowns, and other elements across the various pages of the site allowed e9 to further enhance the user experience, and breathe life into the branding. The website copywriting was yet another component that was added into the mix and was the final touch that brought it all together.

5/5 for presentation.

As with any great recipe, there were some tweaks and adjustments along the way before getting it just right, but the final dish was ultimately successful on every level. What e9 created was proudly served up to Farmers and Cooks clients, and is a staple dish that has viewers sticking around and coming back for more.

“Designing and building websites is a rewarding process because you’re creating something new, overcoming a wide range of design and functionality challenges, and ultimately bringing new life to a brand. Solving a unique puzzle each time makes every project exciting.”

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