Construction Website Design Case Study: Red Cloud Equipment

Red Cloud Equipment Harnesses Their Full Potential With Construction Website Design from e9digital

Red Cloud Equipment runs as smoothly as a well-oiled engine, just like the engines in the spotter trucks and heavy equipment that they lease to their clients. This operation hails from Knoxville, TN, and operates across the East Coast. The team competes with big brands like Lowe’s and Home Depot because they’re quick and easy, cutting through the clutter and getting what the client needs faster than you can say, “Please!” 

Using the Power of SEO to Rank Highly With New Clients

Primarily operating by word of mouth, Red Cloud Equipment was ready to elevate their business to the next level with a website to generate more sales and put them on the internet map, something we know all about. After All, Red Cloud Equipment found us online!

“E9digital’s heavy-hitting SEO team helps our clients rank for their keywords. Just take a look at our website: we’re the number-one ranked firm for website design in NYC on Perplexity.” - Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital

Heavy-Duty Help Through Instant Connection

From our perspective, the challenge for Red Cloud was to demonstrate how different they are from the competitors. The typical equipment rental website has you jump through so many hoops, you’re exhausted before you even get to a human being! 

  • There are multiple locations listed. 
  • There’s a different phone number for each department.
  • You keep getting transferred until you find the right one, only for them to accidentally hang up on you.

Red Cloud’s website needed to be as clear as the services they offer. That meant a clean, easy contact form that goes directly to owners Cooper Lewis and Price Oliver. They needed to communicate that they operate out of Knoxville, but do business across the Eastern US. To generate more sales, Red Cloud needed a platform that outlined their services and equipment without causing confusion.

“A confused customer is a non-existent customer. You need to communicate your value in 10 seconds or less. If not, you’ll lose people’s attention and they’ll head to your competitor!” - Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital

Construction Website Design to Boost Sales for Red Cloud Equipment

The ideal website showcases services or products in a way that makes visitors go, “I need that ASAP!” 

By using keywords relevant to Red Cloud Equipment, people looking for spotter truck and equipment rentals may come across the site. While it takes time to rank for SEO, now Red Cloud Equipment has a website that can build traction for sales. With four service pages and three equipment rental pages, Red Cloud Equipment can showcase their capabilities for the entire East Coast.

A website visitor sees the benefits of working with Red Cloud in seconds through:


Striking red headers that outline the company’s competitive advantage.


A brand slider to highlight top-quality brands offered


Rental FAQs to answer questions before they’re asked.

Red Cloud Equipment stands out from their competitors because they’re available NOW. That’s why our creative team included a time-sensitive, compelling CTA that encouraged people to “talk to a rental specialist right now!” Filling out forms and waiting to hear back is a huge waste of time that busy teams can’t afford. 

The CTAs drive people to just make the call because either Cooper or Price will be waiting on the other end of the line to fill their order. That sort of immediate problem-solving is difficult to find in the spotter truck and heavy equipment rental rental industry.

“I’m really pleased with the website that e9digital created. It hit exactly what we’re looking for.” - Price Oliver, Red Cloud Equipment

A New, Exciting Era 

“E9digital designs websites to make your phone ring off the hook! If you’re ready for a website that converts, give me a call today.” – Conrad Strabone, President of e9digital

With a unique red design, Red Cloud Equipment’s new website works as a home base for the company to deliver even more quality spotter trucks and equipment across the East Coast. Our website designer and developers came up with a heavy-hitting yet simple design that effectively sells Red Cloud’s services in seconds. Based on our design and content, the salespeople at Red Cloud now have a calling card to acquire more business and reach their KPIs.


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