A Website Fit for a Magician

Popular, Clever—Seeking Companionship

David Kwong has quite the job title. A well-known New York-based magician and crossword constructor (or a “cruciverbalist”), David makes a career from cracking and creating codes, consulting on magic, and wowing audiences with puzzles and illusions. When he partnered with our Manhattan agency, e9digital, for a one-page website, we knew that for a man who devotes a big portion of his life drawing attention and awe from the human eye, a clever and beautifully designed website would be at the top of his list.

Puzzling to the human eye

To catch the eyes of visitors from the get-go, our web designer created a homepage banner infused with David’s specialty — puzzles. When you land on the site, the words “The Enigmatist” are pieced together as your mouse rolls over it—like a puzzle finding its missing pieces, or a code being revealed. The trick is eye-catching but subtle, not taking attention away from the content on the site itself.

A magician’s website fit for a New Yorker

As you scroll down the one-page site, each section stands out with beautiful photography and eye-catching copy—referencing David’s achievements and upcoming shows. Toward the bottom of the page, another animation effect solidifies David Kwong’s brand with the phrase “Can you crack the code?” animating into several different code forms. This section scrolls down into a subscribe form, allowing visitors to sign up to receive news and updates.

And the winning product is…

All in all, David’s website beautifully accomplishes its purpose: an eye-catching landing page that succinctly summarizes who David is and gets visitors ready and psyched for his upcoming performances.

“I’ve never been more excited to announce something (website launch) in my entire life..”David Kwong | Magician & New York Times Crossword Puzzle Constructor

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