There's a Science to Everything

Devoted to the future.

Casdin Capital, a New York-based investment firm focused on financing the next generation of life science innovation, was looking for a local company to create a new website for their increasingly-established brand. After doing some research, examining portfolios, and making some phone calls, they eventually landed on e9digital. Familiar with recognizing and valuing professional, innovative, and relatively smaller companies – they were confident that investing in e9 would bring them a website to serve as the powerful marketing tool they needed.

Motivated investors.

Our objective was to enhance and improve upon Casdin Capital’s existing branding to create a website targeted towards informing prospective investors about the growth potential within the life sciences industry. This sector of technology is generally not fully understood, despite the cutting-edge innovations produced by health and biotech companies. Done properly, it can require a patient investor who can ride out the volatility, which is why Casdin Capital embeds itself in the industry and cultivates a broad and deep network of relationships. To communicate that deep understanding, expertise, and long-term perspective, e9 used modern design and functionality standards to help legitimize Casdin Capital as an established firm that is ahead of its time, while simultaneously encouraging and motivating potential clients to learn more.

A diverse portfolio.

We built a website that cohesively merged modern design with Casdin’s informative content and compelling messaging to create an engaging, educational, and motivational digital experience. Immediately upon entering the site, users view a background video seeping with themes of science, technology, and life that creates a sense of inspiration and curiosity. A limited color palette conveys professionalism and focus, imagery throughout the site continues to carry the tone of the opening video, the information is structured to be thorough but not overwhelming, and by focusing on the team/headshots there is a sense of humanity behind the science. A list of ventures that displays science-based company logos along with hover over effects and informational popups is featured on both the homepage and its own subpage to legitimize Casdin within the sector. A twitter feed allows the site to stay current without being manually updated, and a contact form above the footer of each page gives intrigued visitors ample opportunity to reach out. Just as Casdin Capital embeds itself in the industry, visitors could now do the same on the site.

Return on investment.

By combining their inherent strengths with a strong and reliable brand, we successfully positioned Casdin Capital as “the” life sciences investment firm. Coming through for clients is as important in the creative industry as it is any other, and is key to e9’s long-lasting/on-going partnerships.

What an incredibly talented, patient, responsive, and overall incredible team to work with! We needed a new company website, so we compared multiple proposals in the NY area, and ended up choosing e9Digital because of their impressive portfolio, knowledge, and professionalism. We’re so glad that we did! Conrad and Jordan led us through every step of the way, and provided revisions and price quotes quickly upon request. We love our new website, and are looking forward to completing phase II. Jenny W. Chan | Office Manager and Digital Content Manager, Casdin Capital

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