Resisting Big Firm Envy

From corporate to boutique.

After years in the corporate form world, attorney Aaron Pierce left to launch his own boutique practice. Of course, being master of his own legal destiny now came with competing against the same big biz behemoths for new clients. With unlimited resources, the larger law firms are able to cast a wide polished-looking net when it comes to marketing. So for web presence, Aaron looked to level the playing field.

Competition – overruled!

Legal. Fashion. Fishing lures. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, when it comes to digital the website is your calling card. For that reason, Aaron looked to our experienced e9digital design and development team for a high-end professional looking site. Aside from eye-catching, crisp corporate facing, the practice needed to clearly communicate their legal offerings, which meant developing a hierarchy structure for all of the services. We then designed separate pages for each one to offer further explanation while ensuring all the content was SEO-centric.

The final ruling.

Like with all clients in the digital realm, they need it done yesterday. In this case, “yesterday” meant only four weeks—an extremely tight timeline for a project of this size. Thankfully, what sets us apart from a one-person studio is our ability to have a PM, developers, and creators working in unison to ensure a site gets launched on time and within budget. I believe we finished this one with a few hours to spare, but don’t quote us.

"Every project is different. You have to consider so many variables, from the audience to the needs of the client. This means solving new problems and expanding our tech toolbox."

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