Smart Companies Need Intelligent Design

Smart companies need smart, responsive web design.

The people at Scale Microgrid Solutions are smart. Like, really smart. The creators of one of the most sophisticated and innovative energy solutions on the market, they’re single-handedly revolutionizing the indoor agriculture industry.

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A website that’s clean, sleek, and tech-savvy.

When Scale Microgrid, a New York City-based company, stumbled across our Manhattan digital agency after a quick Google search, our web design and development portfolio spoke to them so much that they decided to reach out and share with us their vision: a website that was clean, sleek, tech-savvy, and easy to parse. They wanted to present their content in a way that was simple, yet still knowledgeable and credible. And we agreed. Their vision was, unsurprisingly, smart.

Combining dynamic web design and smart web development.

“Conrad, Mike, Jordan, Jina and the rest of the team at e9 have been a pleasure to work with. They were able to bring our idea and brand to life. I highly recommend their web development services.”Pete Krasco | CEO, Scale Microgrid Systems

So we set to work. Our web designer created a responsive site that was clean and modern, while our web developer customized the build to reflect Scale Microgrid’s sophisticated and dynamic brand. Since they didn’t come to us with much imagery, our web designer was tasked with finding and sourcing images that were on-brand and thought-provoking, but somewhat ambiguous. What easily could have been a text-heavy and densely worded site is made manageable and pleasant by web design that included appealing visuals and a clean, sparse design. Our copywriter gave their web copy an overall polish so that it was concise and readable. With a robust section created by our web developer for relevant media and news, the site serves as not only a web marketing tool, but a credible resource about the industry.

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