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Data Drives Business

Making assumptions about your brand is all you can do—without data. With the right analytics, these opinions become hard facts you can use. Information that helps you develop an accurate and efficient process.

As an agency, we have the advantage of using our team of experts to gather all types of data that can be analyzed and used to amplify your brand.

Access your agency assets

Working with a digital agency as opposed to a lone freelancer, means you have a team at your disposal to crunch your data. Not only do we have the ability to understand what your data means to your brand, but our experience can help us fill in the analytical blanks when needed.

  • Marketing that moves the needle
    Data means numbers, which can translate to endless ways to analyze your online presence. As an agency, we look at everything through the marketing lens. Having this focus makes it easier to find the right results that can help when trying to grow your brand.
  • Partner Playmakers
    While data drives your project it takes two to tango. Meaning, client and agency need to work together in order to breakdown the data. Agency has the experience. The brand knows all about itself. Working together, we can craft a comprehensive strategy.
  • Data dilemma
    The best agency knows strategy, development and how to share this knowledge in an easy to understand fashion. For us, it means removing as much jargon-speak as we can to explain what we’re trying to accomplish so we can be sure the client is on the same page.



Step 1

Mining for what matters

The data is there if you know where to look. Social. Paid. Searches. You can collect all kinds of numbers, but what do they mean? In our decades of experience, we have all types of tools to know what you’re looking at like Meltwater, used for social listening or SEMRush for searching results. We also analyze data from all the ad platform's usual suspects like Facebook and Google Ads.


Step 2

Performance is key

Sometimes when you look too closely at the data you neglect to see the big picture. That’s why it’s important to set up goals that you can use to gauge when up against key performance indicators (KPIs). We know how important these goals and KPIs are which is why we have the best tools to measure these metrics like Power BI, Google Data Studio, or Tableau. Tools that help you visualize your data clearly so you can see how it matches up with your overall goals and marketing activities.


Step 3

Testing Talley

Daily, monthly and quarterly reports all offer data that can help you figure out what you need to be doing with your digital plan. When all of these results come together in a report, you can start making longterm working theories. Solutions that can help you make future moves to benefit your brand.