February 18, 2016

What’s e9digital’s Sales Process Like?

Recently, we started asking our new clients to fill out a client feedback questionnaire about our web design sales process.

We ask what was good about our web design sales process; what we did that could use improvement; how we could make the complicated process of buying an advanced website easier.

I was surprised by the consistency of answers given our clients’ wide range of industries and experience.

“Was there a web design sales process?” Almost unanimously, the answers we received back were “we liked that there was no sales pitch.”

I’ve been selling and marketing things for a long time, so there is a web design sales process, but it wasn’t until I started getting this feedback that I really took a moment to think about it.

It was clear that our clients aren’t buying a website (but they don’t know it; at least, not yet).

They are buying a consultant; someone who will take the time to learn about their unique attributes, opportunities, and challenges, and come up with a plan that’s appropriate for them. For the right clients, this is an eye-opening experience and a strong preview of what it’s like to work with e9digital.

It’s also during this time that I actually discovered that about half of our potential clients are not good fits for e9digital and vice-versa. Not every client needs the high level of service that we provide. That means if I feel a client can’t benefit from the heavy-hitting team I’ve assembled, I stop the process and refer them to other firms that are more appropriate for their needs.

“Other companies called me constantly”
Another consistent item on the questionnaire was client feedback regarding the follow-up to our proposals.

Again, almost to a man, our clients have told us that they liked our low key, consultative approach. They really appreciated that they weren’t “chased for their business.” We followed up a few times to make sure that we have answered all of their questions, but other than that, we know they are smart enough to make a decision on the firm best positioned to help them.

Are you getting any client feedback about your web design sales process?
If not, it’s time to start. Maybe it will help you close a few extra deals.

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