June 12, 2017

How Your Website Can Be Your Best Marketing Tool

Your website can be one of your greatest marketing tools for potential customers. However, with a majority of those customers using their phones as their primary browsing device, a website ill formatted for mobile use can do more harm than good. For e9’s client Legacy Builders, a website that was mobile compatible was the bare minimum—they needed e9 to design a website that thrived on mobile.

Legacy Builders does a majority of their pitches and client meetings on the go—meaning lugging a laptop around isn’t always feasible. They needed to be able to access their beautiful portfolio of properties and jobs quickly and in a way that casts their work in a deserving light.

For starters, e9’s web designers developed a beautiful gallery site. Visuals help sell Legacy’s work, so a comprehensive yet easily navigable site was the ultimate goal. When in a sales meeting, Legacy needed to be able to quickly call up images of particular relevant projects—and not just scroll through their massive portfolio searching for the one image they needed. To solve this, e9 designed an internal search engine with embedded key words to make filtering through their portfolio quick and simple. Every second counts when you only have a few minutes to sell your services, and the ability to quickly locate relevant projects was crucial for turning Legacy’s website into a true marketing tool.

A mobile compatible website can no longer just be a “nice to have” when designing a website. In this day and age where the vast majority of your clients will find you using their mobile device, a major key to your company’s success literally lies in the palm of your customer’s hands. We already know our phones are capable of amazing things. Imagine what a properly designed website—strategically optimized for mobile—could do for your business.

“I truly thank you for all your effort. You did a great job understanding our vision and created something exceptional.”
John Bennardo | Legacy Builders