June 6, 2024

Pharmaceutical Website Design Case Study: Manhattan Behavioral Medicine

Simple, powerful pharmaceutical website design for Manhattan Behavioral Medicine

Founded by Dr. Judith Joseph, MD, MBA, Manhattan Behavioral Medicine is the premier clinical research site in New York City. With over 25 years of experience, Manhattan Behavior Medicine has two full-time board-certified psychiatrists and 8-10 clinical coordinators. They take pride in their patient care, offering no-cost, no-fee treatment options to eligible clients of their clinical studies, and observe GCP guidelines, FDA regulations, and research protocols.

The pharmaceutical industry invests tens of millions into a product in their pipeline. When looking into facilities to hire for research, they want to see a site that proves the company has what it takes. Manhattan Behavioral Medicine needed a modernized website that proved their credentials yet wasn’t flowery or excessive. The site needed to clearly define each team member’s experience and the facility’s capabilities. 

Our website designer for the project had extensive experience creating professional, modern websites for the pharmaceutical industry, so e9digital was the perfect fit for this client.

Putting trust and stability front and center

It only takes one bad batch of data to ruin a drug. Pharmaceutical companies look for the basics when approaching a website: your team, available equipment on site, and relevant certifications to complete clinical studies.

To guarantee that Manhattan Behavioral Medicine was a no-brainer for their target audience,  the homepage laid out every piece of information a pharmaceutical company might want. 

An inviting header promises personalized treatment through clinical studies. 

A professional photo of the team and a blurb showcases their vast experience. 

Finally, iconography and copy detail the state-of-the-art facilities that Manhattan Behavioral Medicine offers.

“Our goal was to create a simple yet academic design that highlighted Manhattan Behavioral Medicine’s impressive resume without a sales tone or flashy imagery.” Jordan Harringer, Creative Director at e9digital

Detailing extensive experience and capability

The home page copy had to be concise so pharmaceutical companies could quickly digest Manhattan Behavioral Medicine’s robust capabilities. However, interior pages needed to outline in detail Manhattan Behavioral Medicine’s studies, areas of expertise, and processes to establish credibility. Pharmaceutical companies can confirm expertise before they even make a phone call by viewing the About, Sponsor, Our Team, and FAQs pages.


Keeping it simple to satisfy pharmaceutical companies

Dr. Joseph and her team now have a website that proves to pharmaceutical companies they meet all the requirements to complete clinical studies. The website speaks the target audience’s language to meet their needs, generating leads for Manhattan Behavioral Medicine.

E9digital creates websites that convert, focusing on your target audience to speak their language and sell your services. Learn more about our website design services that do everything for you, and schedule a call with us today.